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Someone who loves us, or just loves to confuse us, gave us the hot tip that a P.A. for Lost (presumably for the writer's production office, since the show shoots in Hawaii) has been buying up old Nick Fury comics, and having them mailed to an address on the Disney lot.

This may cause some of you to jump to the conclusion that J.J. Abrams is writing the Nick Fury movie. That's because you don't have our superior intellect. (Unless you turn out to be right, in which case, we told you so all along.) Logic says that it's probably nothing, and there is no cause for alarm, especially since J.J. has booked his waking life with movie sequels through 2012.

So, since we can't get anyone on the phone to confirm or deny said purchases (and possibly explain what they're actually for), this lead to a lot of discussion between Laura and myself whether we should run this story at all. Which leads to classic email exchange material, after the jump.

By the way, you should all be thanking me for not using a Hasselhoff photo on this post. It was damned tempting.

Laura: Maybe one of the Lost writers just really likes Nick Fury.

Brenda: That's my theory. Someone just got a raise!

Laura: Last time I got a raise, I bought all of White Rabbit's appearances, but that was only 2 comics.

Brenda: I thought Abrams was at Paramount, not Disney. I heard the Bad Robot offices moved. My sources confirm that they have no idea, but they also thought it was at Paramount. Good to know nothing changes in 8 years. Of course this does not help me figure out which phone number to call.

Laura: Wasn't Paramount the studio that distributed movies for Marvel Entertainment before the Disney buy out?

Brenda: I have no idea. When I was there they were all about Enterprise.

Laura: Did you get to meet any Vulcans?

Brenda: No. It was all Bakula, all the time.

Laura: My guess is that some writer wants to write a Nick Fury movie, but isn't necessarily involved in one.

Brenda: I think some production secretary obsessed with Jack Kirby just got a pay bonus and is using the proceeds to buy up rare Nick Fury comics. The pay raise, of course, is for something related to the DUIs everyone gets on Lost.

Laura: He's their stand-in at court appearances!

Brenda: That is completely plausible. Just as likely that J.J. Abrams has anything to do with the new Nick Fury movie.

Laura: The production secretary could also be obsessed with Steranko. We don't know what comics were bought. Or, space aliens have found out about Nick Fury's involvement in ending the Skrull's Secret Invasion, and have posed as a production assistant at Lost in order to covertly buy a lot of Nick Fury comics so they can study him, and nulify him as a potential threat to their own invasion.

Brenda: Another acceptable theory. Though less likely that the secret invasion's home base wouldn't be in Portland. If I'm a comic book writer, I'm living anywhere but Oregon, because one carelessly aimed missile could take out half the industry. Or, wait. ...Where can you buy missiles?

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Maybe Nick Fury will end up on the island. Hey, didn't Patchy only have one eye? And is he really dead? And doesn't Ben look a little Skrull-y? Or maybe they just put Nick Fury on Kate in season 6 since regular Marshals can't keep track of her. Or maybe I've been spending too much time with my Lost DVDs. Hi Laura!


lol, email conversation! :D


I think its time for some new news, how about a tribute to Cap. Lou Albano, he passed away this week. And I think the death of a wrestling legend who was Cindy Lauper's friend and the man who was Mario, is worthy of a Geektress sendoff.