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DIY Wonder Pigs!


Yay! Wonder Pig! Remember the episode of Justice League Unlimited where Circe turns Diana into a pig, and the pig has little piglet wristlets and Batman is trying to save her from the slaughterhouse and it was awesome? Well, to everyone's shock and delight, DC actually released the above JLU action figure version of Batman, complete with Wonder Pig. Target had the exclusive deal to sell this particular line of action figures, and quick-thinking Laura snatched up the two she saw at her local Target.

Since then, the both of us have been checking every Target we see to try and find a third for Rania. I haven't even taken mine out of the box, because I don't want anything to happen to it and then I no longer have a Wonder Pig. Even my Puptress loves this thing:


However. If you have any kind of free time and crafting skills and want to make your OWN unlicensed Wonder Pig, you don't have to worry. I've done it in order to help you do it yourself -- and here is the step by step guide.



First of all, you'll need a little plastic pig. I couldn't really find one exactly like the cartoon-ish pig that comes with Batman, but I think I came close. Schleich makes miniatures, mostly realistic looking ones nowadays. But you probably already own a Schleich figurine and don't even know it -- they started out making Smurf, Peanuts, and Muppet Show figurines. This particular model is called the standing piglet. I had to buy it online because Schleich figures are only sold at little boutique toy stores. (You can find the dealer nearest you by clicking here.)

Black Acrylic Paint
Silver Acrylic Paint (both available at your nearest craft store.)
(If your pig is totally blank, you might also need pink paint!)

Clear primer (if the pig is already painted, like the ones I used.) If your pig is totally bare, you can use any color primer, but I suggest white.


Palette - I have a slew of those tins that AOL trial offer CDs come in. (Or used to come in.) They work great, and they're free.



1. Remove or clip any little bits of plastic hanging off any seams from the mold it was cast in. (Also, remove their little pricetags.)


2. Wash your little piggies in warm soapy water.


This is to remove any oils from production or handling that may prevent paint from adhering to the miniature.


You can just pat them dry with a paper towel.

3. Prime them with your clear base primer.


This allows your paint to stick and not get rubbed or chipped off. If your pigs were already pink, like mine, be careful to only prime the areas that you're going to paint.


Allow the primer to dry. Mine dries within a half an hour. Follow whatever it says on the can.

4. Time to paint! Because my pigs had weird beady eyes that didn't make them very friendly, I added some black paint to the eyeballs to give them big doe eyes. Then I painted all the hooves black.


Depending on what the weather is like, leave these to dry overnight. (If it's humid, dry for two nights.)


5. After the black paint is completely dry, carefully paint on the wristlets with your silver paint. Some of them I got carried away with, so they have much bigger bracelets than the others. They're still beautiful, though!


6. Leave them to dry again for a few days. You want them to be completely dry to the touch, which takes longer than what it says on the bottle. Once they're COMPLETELY DRY, you can put more clear glaze/enamel primer over the top to make them shiny and pretty, and to make double sure the paint won't flake off.


And, because I totally have to, here is the clip of Batman singing "Am I Blue."

You watch it and try to tell me that he's not secretly making out with Wonder Woman.

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Comments (3)

You are awesomely crafty, Bren! Too bad the clip doesn't also have Wonder Pig doing bullets and bracelets. That's the best part.

Also, if Batman were secretly making out with Wonder Woman, he wouldn't be so blue.


haha! totally funny clip of singing Batman! :D

and how did you become such an expert miniature figure painter? O.o *impressed*

Awesome. I love it. I finally nabbed a batman/wonder pig at Wizard World Chicago for a crummy $10...but well worth it as she is one fine swine.