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Zod Gets Demoted


As if we needed reminders to why we don't watch Smallville anymore, TV Guide breaks some Zod news:

"But this a different incarnation of Zod,” Peterson says of the new series regular, played by British actor Callum Blue (The Tudors). “We’re introducing him as Major Zod—this is before he became General Zod.” Adds Souders: “Over the course of the season, the venomous side of Zod rises because he experiences a few key betrayals with our beloved characters.”

Another gem in the article sparked a classic email exchange, posted in full after the jump.

Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is getting a little obsessed as the Red Blue Blur, his budding crime-fighting alias. “He is trying a little too hard to be a hero, and is leaving the rest of his life behind,” says executive producer Brian Peterson.

Brenda: "Leaving the rest of his life behind”? He had a life? I thought his life was: Mope around farm, mope about Lana, mope about Chloe, eat, sleep, mope.

Laura: Did you see him eat and sleep? I didn't see him eat and sleep.

Brenda: Well. We saw him in bed. And with pie.

Laura: There was pie at one point, but that was years ago, when the characters had, you know, characteristics. I wouldn't be so sure he still did those things, is all I'm saying.

Brenda: Also, I like that somehow the Kryptonian Military System is apparently still functioning as normal even though the planet was blown up. Does Zod promote himself?

"Well, Major, you've done a fine job of forcing the puny Earthlings to submit."

"Thank you, Major, I was just thinking that myself."

"Go ahead and change your stationary to read 'General Zod.' It has a better ring to it. And get yourself a really BIG hat. The biggest."

"That's a capital idea, Major. Just capital."

"Oh, but we're fresh out of salary increases. Monetary system being burned up and all that. You'll just have to pave your own way as a General."

"Will do. *fires eye lasers and burns down daycare center*"

Laura: Well, apparently you have to earn general-hood by being betrayed. I think, on Krypton, one probably became a general when one's spouse slept with their best friend and then their best friend ran over their dog.

Brenda: Where do the big hats come in?

"Well, done, Major, your dog is dead."

"Oh, and it has a feather and everything! This is almost worth the adultery."

Laura: Well, the hats are awarded with the promotion.

Brenda: I would start watching again if Zod's betrayal somehow involved pie.

Laura: "You fucker! You ate my pie! All I asked was that you saved me a piece, of the pie I MADE, but you couldn't even do that. Mother Fucker! It is so on, bitch! You're dealing with GENERAL Zod now! That's right. I gave myself a promotion. You want to make something out of it? Yeah, I didn't think so, fucker."

Brenda: *Clark knocks off hat* "I can't believe you just did that! That hat was BRAND NEW! ....You're just jealous of the hat!"

Laura: "You might as well just go ahead and consider humanity enslaved now."

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