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This Was Bands We Know! Week

(Image by Gre3g)

Did you know? This week on our Twitter and our Facebook page, we let you know about our friends that are cooler than us because they decided to organize and write music. It was Bands We Know! week, and four rock groups were linked from our various social networks. If you missed out, there's a recap after the jump.


On Monday, we featured Mayors of Super Awesome Town. (Facebook page, Twitter, Myspace page.)

Comprised of Brenda's friends Don and Jack, the Mayors are still in the market for a bassist and a drummer, but that in no way stops them from putting on an entertaining rock show. Using Jack's iPod for the backing track, the duo performs a short list of songs that are reminiscent of They Might Be Giants (and not just because They Might Be Giants had a backup band comprised of a tape deck in their earlier days.) They're based out of Cincinnati but their most recent show was in Buffalo, so they're not afraid to travel for a gig. Look them up and give them a listen!


Tuesday was Backwoods Payback day. (Facebook page, Twitter, Myspace page.) If you don't remember, Backwoods Payback was also featured on our music podcast, as band members Jessica & Mike are good friends of Rania's. (The song featured was entitled "Dirtbike.")

Based out of West Chester, PA, Backwoods Payback is mostly metal that is heavy. They've been around since 2003 and have put out their own album and sent themselves on tour. If you like to bang your head or possibly just rock out, you can download their music at their Myspace page.


Wednesday is for Tall Friends. (Facebook page, Myspace page.) Born of the remnants of a few other bands, most notably Brenda's husband's band Retire, Tall Friends makes their home in Chicago and has been kicking around since 2002. They have three full length albums to their discography, most recently "Stand By."

You may also recognize them from our music podcast, with the song "Blue on Blue." They quite often go underground to record or pick their noses, whatever. Currently they are on such a hiatus, but it is to be expected they'll make a comeback eventually. In the meantime, catch some of their live tracks on their Myspace page.


Thursday was for The Last Troubadour, whom we don't know personally but we like them just the same. (Facebook page, Myspace page.)

Another fun Cincinnati band, the Troubadours are sorta punk, sorta rock, lotsa awesome. They are currently on tour, but that shouldn't stop you from taking a listen to their stuff while they're on the road.

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