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Supernatural Season 5: "Wal-Mart Apocalypse"


In all honesty, I initially intended to write a post making fun of something tonight. Then I thought about it, and a fangirl cannot live by ridicule alone. On occasion, she must live up to the stereotype and let out her inner "SQUEE!" That's where the Supernatural panel at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con International comes in. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to SDCCI (I didn't want to go anyway...I swear...no jealousy here), so I've been reduced to scouring the interwebs for other people's accounts, the most detailed of which being at Zap2It, and by detailed I mean it lays out exactly what happens in the five minutes of the premier shown at the panel, with io9's coverage filling in some more details on the panel discussion. Spoiler-phobes beware!

In attendance at the panel were showrunner and creator Eric Kripke, producers and writers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund, and series regulars Jim Beaver (Bobby) and Misha Collins (Castiel). No Jared and Jensen, but this group seemed like a lot of fun, and genuinely excited about the coming season, which they described as the show's "most optimistic season." Hell, Ben Edlund alone would have made me happy, but then, he's one of my favorite people ever, if only for creating The Tick.

The group talked about the season 5, where the Winchesters will be trying to stop Lucifer from bringing about the (budget-restricted) apocalypse, and teased upcoming storylines. Interestingly enough, for a show Brenda noted last season was basically just The Dukes of Hazzard, they're drawing inspiration from Paradise Lost.* I kind of skipped reading that one in school. I hope that won't be a problem. I also thought it was interesting, per the io9 article, that Eric Kripke has heard of priests who watch the show. They say it's because "it's one of the only shows out there that actually tries to grapple with telling the story of Revelation, and ask about the true meaning of existence," but I think the rest of us know better. It's because of the 70s rock and 70s cars, of course.

There was also talk about big changes coming up for Bobby, plenty of returning characters (though no mention of one of my favorite characters from last season, renegade angel Anna), and Dean and Cas in a whorehouse! I'm thinking Dean might be taking the fallen angel on a tour of some of the more fun deadly sins. He couldn't have a better guide.

I have to admit though, the part that got me most interested was the promise of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse driving around in muscle cars. It reminds me a little of the depiction of the Horsemen in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, except they rode motorcycles, but the Horsemen with massive horse power - would we expect anything less from this show?

(As a sidenote: What exactly does Russell T. Davies have against Supernatural?)

*It should be noted that it has been said Boss Hogg was based on Michiavelli's The Prince.

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Comments (3)

Four Horseman? Whores? Dean & Cas=BFFs? Sold!

I too would love to see Anna back and I also love the Trickster guy. More Bobby=Awesome. I keep waiting for them to bring in a long lost kid for Bobby.

But thinking of the Horsemen in muscle cars...i would love to see one of them in something totally lame, like say a Kia Rio (my currently heinous wheels) and playing Mmm Bop or something on the cassette deck. Oh and maybe someone is rocking the smuggler's blues sonny crockett ferrari style.

And with the budget cuts I am sure there is no chance of getting Casteil some lipbalm this season?


I would like to see Pestilence in a white '76 Chevette, rocking out to Chicago. (Sorry, Rosenbaum... but Chicago is cheesedick.)

Alyrenee, Famine should totally be driving something lame. That would be awesome.

Also, Castiel can't use lip balm for religious reasons.