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Comic-Con Linkspam!


Firstly, Great White Snark, a man after our own heart, puts his priorities in place by producing two great posts full of candid costumed comic-con attendee photos: Gallery One, Gallery Two.

I could really just spend all day sitting in one corner of a major Con, costume-watching. Awesome pictures.

Gary Oldman Loves Spoilers - remember when he didn't shut up about how The Riddler was in Dark Knight? If they're not asking him to reveal these tidbits, then they should probably not let him out in to public... with a shirt on. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't pay attention to anything he has to say if he was half naked.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Twitter - This might only be useful for people at the Con, but it would be neat if there were regular updates leading up to the new Alice In Wonderland movie.

By the way, if you haven't heard yet, Marvel Officially Owns Marvelman now. Which is great, because my (probably very illegal) scanned copy of Moore's run on the title is not exactly in what you would call numerical order by page, so I really have a very bad concept of the character. I'm guessing a Moore-Gaiman team-up for new issues would cause heads to explode, though.

Someone had the idea to team up the bouncer from Knocked Up, the funny kid from Sex Drive, Rob Corddry and John Cusack. They're an unlikely group, but nonetheless, the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine made me laugh. Click through for moving pictures...

Newsarama and Comic Book Resources are both having live coverage of many of the Comic Con panels, and they're pretty much the places to look for any and all comic book news. In my opinion, Newsarama has much better live-streaming coverage, but CBR is continuing their tradition of interviewing people from a yacht, all MTV Music Awards style (at least that one year that Dane Cook hosted and it was painful to watch, so actually way cooler than MTV, because no Dane Cook). Personally, I haven't found too much to be excited about on the comic book front, but the Wednesday Comics panel was interesting, and I am looking forward to the new direction being taken with the Marvel Adventures line. I wish there were going to be one more girl on the new Avengers line up in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes though.

On the animation front, this Green Lantern: First Flight review proves that Green Lantern fans are the nerdiest of all comic book fans, while the Marvel Animation panel seems like it was mostly a disappointment, much like their product (with the exception of exceptional Spectacular Spider-Man, which was not talked about at all). Robot6 does have a list of the voice talent from the upcoming Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoon, and it's pretty damn impressive. It looks like we can expect more general awesomeness from Batman: the Brave and the Bold too, especially the upcoming musical episode.

In the world of all things Joss Whedon, the unaired Dollhouse finale, was apparently awesome, and, ensuring that I won't get behind on watching next season like I did this season, Alexis Denisof will be appearing in season 2. Also, artist John Cassaday is going to direct an episode, and if you don't know who that is, I pity you for you know not what beauty is. Or you've missed out on some great comic books. One of those things. Speaking of which, I'm hoping this means we're getting a Bad Horse comic book. The Thoroughbred of Sin could easily carry an ongoing.

Finally, here's an interesting account of a panel on "female power icons in pop culture" (via Blog@), though the author seems a bit misinformed on certain things, like the spelling of Zoe Saldana's name and the fact that Whedon was fired from the Wonder Woman film a couple of years ago.

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Someone over at the Bendis board posted a comic-con girls thread.

My fav so far are this Baroness

And this Power Girl

There were also a lot of female Deadpools for some reason.