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Sunday Wednesday Comics


It's been rumored for a while, but DC has finally announced "Wednesday Comics" as their next weekly series. Debuting this summer, this 12-part series will be in the 14" x 20" broadstreet format and have to be unfolded to be read. From the Newsarama article:

“The concept is that we are trying to recapture the spirit, format, and sense of enjoyment that people had form reading the Sunday comics that arrive in newspapers every week,” DC Sr VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio explained to Newsarama. “So, for this 12 week period, we’re creating 16 weekly strips that will be presented in newspaper format, which will feature some of our primary characters, as well as some of the premiere creators in the business.”

Apparently we have DC Art Director Mark Chiarello to thank for this, frankly, awesome project, which will include creators like Kyle Baker, whose Hawkman is pictured above (via The Pulse), Joe Kubert, Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope, Walt Simonson...there are a lot and they are pretty much all awesome. The cherry on top is that the series is completely divorced from regular DC continuity, and the stories specifically being written with first time readers in mind. There really is no excuse not to pick this series up.

Just in case the sheer awesomeness of the concept and creators alone isn't enough for you, check out this quote by Kyle Baker from his above linked Pulse interview:

In most of his adventures, Hawkman usually defends Earth from space alien invasion, so that’s what my story’s about. There’s also action on Dinosaur Island, because dinosaurs are always cool. Hawkman carries a mace, so it’s important for a writer to create dilemmas which can be resolved with a mace. A guy with a mace fighting a T-Rex is a good fight to watch.

If the goal is really to capture the essence of the character and the magic of comics, as DiDio is quoted in the article, Kyle Baker has hit the nail on the head. I can't wait to see what the other creators will be doing. Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred working on a Metamorpho story should be good, even though I really don't know anything about Metamorpho. Actually, that's exactly what is exciting about it. I'm really happy that among Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. there are also a bunch of characters I don't really know much about, like Metamorpho, Kamandi, and the Metal Men. I have found that one of my greatest joys in reading superhero comics is discovering a love for a character that has been around forever, but is completely new to me.

It'd also be really cool if the Green Lantern story could help me finally see why everyone digs that guy, or guys, so much.

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Comments (2)

This. Is. Awesome.

Finally, a DC project that I'm looking forward to. It has been years since they have done an event that I made a point to pick up, but this actually sounds interesting.