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Comic Con: Assorted Bits of Goodness


So I know y'all are like: What the hell, people? Where is our Comic Con coverage? And I'm here to tell you that I'm just now getting over some sort of Alien Death Flu. In fact, this week's podcast is getting scrapped because it's 90% me coughing, hacking, and oozing mucus.


Finally I was able to go through the hours and hours of footage we shot at Comic Con, and after the jump I've embedded assorted fun moments from the various panels we attended.

Our first video was actually one of the last ones taken. McG showed up for the Terminator: Salvation panel, and of course the first (unintelligible) question had to do with Christian Bale's outburst. After this initial response, Joseph had a long, serious answer about set security. But this was how he answered at first:

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If you're asking why the camera is all jiggly and out of focus, it's because that laughter you hear is Laura losing her shit. She seriously laughed about it through most of the panel. And since sitting room is elbow to elbow, you get the giggly cam.

Next is an excerpt from the Venture Bros. panel. Now, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick showed up and really didn't have anything to show or talk about, but that doesn't prevent them from putting on an entertaining panel. Mostly, we just enjoy when the guys interrupt the people asking questions to go off on tangents, like this one about Doc Hammer's girlish figure.

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Here's one for the fangirls: Jared Padalecki was on a panel for the new Friday the 13th remake. (Seated next to him is Derek Mears, who plays Jason.) Someone asks Jared if he'd like to be the villain in a horror movie, and J-Pads answers.

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Notice the camera starts shaking as soon as J-Pads discusses how he has to think about the "facial expressions" his character needs to make. That's Laura having another giggle-fit because of our frequent podcast joke about Jared's "squinchy face," which is of course his only facial expression.

And lastly, from the Fringe panel, we have John Noble... totally not paying attention.

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You caught the Con Crud, too? Lisa escaped, but man, that crap had me down for at least a week!

Hope you're better, now.