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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

More Dr. Horrible

Whedonesque has posted a flurry of "Dr. Horrible" news in the last few days. First, the official site went live on Saturday. Then Joss Whedon posted the information about when the webisodes would appear on-line:

"Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog" will be streamed, LIVE (that part’s not true), FREE (sadly, that part is) right on, in mid-July. Specifically:

ACT ONE (Wheee!) will go up Tuesday July 15th.

ACT TWO (OMG!) will go up Thursday July 17th.

ACT THREE (Denouement!) will go up Saturday July 19th.

All acts will stay up until midnight Sunday July 20th. Then they will vanish into the night, like a phantom (but not THE Phantom – that’s still playing. Like, everywhere.)

Other information revealed in the post included the fact that, following July 20th, the musical would be available for download at a "nominal fee," to be followed by a DVD at some point, with, what Whedon describes as, "the finest and bravest extras in all the land." More details about those will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con. If you can't wait that long, TV Guide's Matt Roush has some information about them in an article that I will not be reading because it also contains spoilers about the plot. (OK...fine...I skimmed, and the one DVD extra I saw mentioned sounded AWESOME!)

In addition to that, Whedon and his brother Zack, one of the "Dr. Horrible" co-writers, will be writing a Captain Hammer, the titular character's nemesis, comic for Dark Horse Presents. Like all Dark Horse Presents comics, it will initially be found on Myspace. Presumably, it will eventually be available in a print collection, like "Sugarshock," the seriously fun Dark Horse Presents comic Whedon wrote last year.

UPDATE: The comic, which was not supposed to be available until tomorrow (new comic book day), is actually up now. Read it here. ("Pass me the science ingredient!" Hee!)

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm probably more excited about this than I am about Whedon's upcoming TV series, "The Dollhouse." Crazy, I know, but this is a musical. Eliza Dushku is cool and all, but she's not going to be spontaneously bursting out into song. OK, she probably will at some point, if the show lasts more than a few episodes.

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