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Marvel to Bring Self-Cutters and Nazi Beat-Downs to the Big Screen


Some pretty awesome news coming from Marvel Entertainment today. First of all, it has been announced that "Runaways," which started in 2002, is being developed for a feature film. The script is being written by the comic's co-creator, Brian K. Vaughn. (via The Hollywood Reporter) For those who don't know, "Runaways" is about a group of teens in LA who find out their parents are a group of supervillains called The Pride, and proceed to do exactly what the what the name implies. Among others, the team includes a lesbian alien, a dinosaur, a goth-gil who has to cut herself in order to access her magical staff, and the cutest little mutant girl you ever did see.

The second bit of news is that Marvel Entertainment exec Kevin Feige has spoken to sever sources, including IESB, and has revealed the Captain America movie set for 2011 release will be a period piece set, obviously, during World War II. He also put to rest that horrid casting rumor from a couple of weeks ago, but confirmed that the film will in fact have the very unfortunate title of "The First Avenger: Captain America."

I have to say that it's kind of like Marvel read my mind with this stuff. Since the first time I read "Runaways" I thought it was th perfect candidate for adaptation. I still think it would be better as a television series, but I think the first couple of story arcs could be adapted pretty seamlessly into a motion picture. And with Brian K. Vaughn writing the script, I have all the hope in the world that it will be done right. Maybe Vaughn, who also writes for "Lost," can use his influence there to get JJ Abrams to direct. The man created "Felicity," so he obviously knows a thing or two about teen girls an angst. Joss Whedon would be a good choice too, since he's a big fan of the series and has even written the most recent story arc. I just haven't forgiven him for all the delays on those issues yet.

I have also always thought that the first Captain America movie, assuming they are shooting for a franchise, should be set entirely during WWII. It would be something completely different from the rest of the superhero movies, and it would also solve the problem of selling a character with America in his name to foreign audiences. Other countries may hate America, but everyone likes watching Nazis getting their asses kicked. Just think about that. We're talking roughly two hours of Nazis getting a big shield thrown at their heads. There is nothing that is not awesome about that. It'd be worth double the ticket price if Cap gets to punch out Hitler.

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