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Geektress is still recovering from the New York Comic Con, and despite the fact that three of us were there, we have to catch up on all the news and announcements just like everyone else. (What can I say? We just don't care all that much about Skrull invasions, the umpteenth DC Crisis, or movies directed by Frank Miller.) However, this little piece of news begged our immediate attention. In the vein of Marvel Zombies, Marvel Comics has now announced Marvel Apes to be written by Karl Kesel with Ramon Bachs on art.


Let me just get this off my chest first: Everyone in that picture besides Captain America is a monkey. Monkeys are not apes. Get it right, people. Now, if they are trying to make some sort of statement that all the other characters are somehow less evolved than Captain America, I can understand, but that doesn't make the title any less accurate.

I have to admit, despite my love of monkeys and apes, this is a bit lame. Talking primates are traditionally DC's territory (with a handful of exceptions, most notably Gorilla Man from the Eisner nominated Agents of Atlas),* and they already turned all their characters into apes back in 1999. Also, I don't want Marvel to make me hate monkeys and apes by driving the concept into the ground like they did with Marvel Zombies.

I can't lie though. I'll be checking this out. I mean, it is monkeys. How can I say no to monkeys? And the fact that the whole project stems from a fan suggestions at a convention panel a couple of years back gives me hope that one day my dream of seeing a shot for shot remake of Remains of the Day with gorillas will one day come true.

*I fully admit to seizing any opportunity to plug one of my favorite books, no matter how loose the relevance.

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Actually, I'm pretty sure that most of the pictured characters are apes. Only Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are (naturally) Spider-Monkeys. On to my real comments:

First of all, my favorite JLApe character was Chimpulse. Second, there is a lot that Marvel could do with super powered apes/monkeys. Here's what I'd like to see:
1) a Gambit inspired mutant monkey who kinetically charges his own poop before flinging it.
2) a Wolverine monkey who instead of claws, has adamantium cymbals that pop out of his hands.
3) lots of public sex and/or masturbation.
4) a Giant Man-inspired ape who always winds up scaling skyscrapers when he grows.
5) Ape super-villains with monkey flunkies.


That's a great title, Laura! And I can't wait to hear/read more about Geektress' time at the convention. So cool! :)

As for these apes, hrrm. That's interesting. I especially like the info about it being the result of a fan's suggestion though. Go, fans!