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Cylon-tastic Saturday

On Saturday, Rania and myself had the joy of sitting through a few major panels in the New York Comic Con screening theater. One of the showings was Disney related, and thus had many clips of Wall-E and the new Prince Caspian / Narnia flick. Wall-E didn't really capture my imagination before, but after seeing the previews of it, I'm definitely going to try and catch it when it opens in theaters. (On June 27th.)

The other panel was Battlestar Galactica related, and as you can see, I could actually be bothered to dig my camera out of my bag to snap some pictures. Originally, the panel description was to have stars Tahmoh Penikett and Grace Park, but to the surprise of everyone, convention virgins Rekha Sharma (Tory, Roslin's Aide) and Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh) appeared with Michael Trucco (Sam Anders). They didn't have much to say by way of spoilers for the final season, but they did have some interesting comments about discovering they were Cylons (video after the jump.)

Rekha Sharma, whose character really hasn't had a lot of screentime up until the discovery of her robot-ness, was apparently thrilled to discover she was actually a Cylon. Michael Trucco took it as a sign that he was at least going to get to appear in more episodes, as apparently his character was only originally slated to be in two. What was really amusing is that Edward James Olmos and Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) are the sorts of guys who read ahead in the script and then taunt those around them that haven't. When they told Sharma, et. al that they were going to be surprised by the end of Crossroads, no one believed them at first.

Even still, the actors were skeptical that they were really going to get to be Cylons. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Katee Sackhoff had mentioned that "Michael Hogan still hasn't come to terms with the revelation," so most "How does it feel to be a Cylon?" questions were aimed at him. Though, at one point, while searching for the proper metaphor, he compared finding out you're a robot to "following a child," I did manage to catch one of his many other answers on shakey-cam video:

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How cool, Bren (and Rania)! I've never watched "Battlestar Galactica"(I know!), but I totally laughed at that clip, hee. Awesome report on the panels. re: Wall-E. oh, I can't wait to see it. It looks so wonderful (I um, I teared up during the trailer when he and his love twirled in space, *g*. I did.).

I can't wait to read more. Thanks for all the news! :)