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Terminator 4: You're Totally Not Going To Believe This


I was just informed today (and by "just informed" I mean I read FilmDrunk,) that the sort-of tolerable Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins movie title was recently re-worked by McG. Chud reporter Jeremy Smith is saying this:

I am 100% certain that the title below is the approved-by-McG replacement. Dig it:

Terminator: The Return of the Terminator

While out loud I'm hoping to jeebus that Jeremy is just kidding around, secretly I want this to be the title, because it provides me ammunition to load my McG Hatred Guns with. Just earlier today I had a sinus headache to beat the band (as my grandmother would say), and now I'm feeling slightly better. When you have one eye that feels like it's trying to stab its way out of your skull, the best medicine is to get incredibly enraged about something really geeky like killer robots. One entire throbbing skull really detracts from the pain of allergy season.

Brenda: Terminator: The Return of the Terminator. He needs to be destroyed.

Laura: Is Arnold in it, because that would be the only explanation for that name. I mean, its not like the terminators have gone anywhere.

Brenda: This is like naming Batman Begins "Batman: The Start of Batman."

Laura: I am trying to come up with a worse title than Terminator: the Return of the Terminator, and I can't do it.

Brenda: Terminator: Terminator Terminates
Terminator: We Made A Fourth One
Robots: We Got Robots
Terminator: Even More Killing With Terminators
Terminator: This Time We Mean It....Terminator

Laura: No, "Robots: We Got Robots" would be good. It's honest. How about: Terminator: This Time People Totally Get Terminated?

Brenda: I might actually get out of bed today now. I'm feeling much better already. Hatred of McG: Curing Sickness Every Day. He's like the Golden Ticket to my Grandpa Joe.

Alternate title options:

Terminator: The Future Explodes A Lot
Terminator: Have You Seen This Terminator?
Terminator: I Can't Believe It's Not Terminating
Terminator: I Think I Can I Think I Can.... Terminate
Terminator: Now With More Terminating
Terminator: Let The Future Begin... NnnnnnnnnnNOW.
Terminator: Holy Hell, That's A Lot Of Robots
Terminator: We Are Terminators

Not mention the title for a Terminator movie where the Terminators win and form their own society would have to be called Terminator: We The Robots.

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