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Not Content Ruining Others' Comics, Hugh Creates His Own


Hugh Jackman is apparently teaming with television and comic book writer Marc Gugenheim to create a comic book for Virgin Comics to be titled Nowhere Man. Here's what the press release has to say about it:

Story details are being kept under wraps but Virgin officials describe the story as a Sci Fi odyssey set in a groundbreaking vision of the future in which mankind has traded privacy for safety. “I’ve had so much fun in the graphic novel world with the X-MEN franchise that I wanted to get even more involved,” said Jackman about the project. “I am so excited to work with Virgin and Marc and create a compelling character and story that hopefully will also make it to the big screen."

So it's not about the TV show?

Not surprisingly, Jackman's own production company, Seed Productions, is already developing it for film and "other areas." One can only hope this includes radio.

Now, I think it's plenty cool that Hugh digs the funny books, and I know that he has actually read a bunch of Wolverine comics (though you wouldn't know it by his performance in "X-Men 3"). Unfortunately, there is so much about this that makes me groan. For starters, it is downright presumptuous to develop a project for several different mediums at once. Wolverine may not be a household name like Superman, but three X-Men movies and the fact that he appears in almost every comic Marvel publishes attest to his appeal. This is a lot of effort for something that could flop on all fronts.

Second, it's so obviously meant to be socially relevant, but it just sounds like something we have seen in film, television, and comics a billion times already. Hell, in the Variety article, Jackman's producing partner even describes the main character as "reminiscent of the one Will Smith played in 'I Am Legend.'" Well, I've already seen "I Am Legend," so why exactly should I pay good money for the Nowhere Man comic book, film, and whatever the hell else they decide "other areas" are? The socially relevant bit was enough of a turn off, lack of originality just cements my lack of interest.

This is also the latest in Virgin's movie person + comic book writer line. Before Jackman came a long, Nicholas Cage, Guy Ritchie and even Jenna Jameson got in on the action. Actually, Cage didn't bother to team up with a legitimate comic book writer. He teamed up with his son (no, not Kal-El). Speaking of Nicholas Cage, between naming himself after a comic book character, naming one of his children after a comic book character, and being so desperate to star in a comic book movie that he made "Ghost Rider," isn't it time a mental health professional stepped in. He needs to be kept away from comics for his own well being.

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Comments (2)

"One can only hope this includes radio" – ha.

It's a real pity they aren't doing Another Damn Remake (tm) of the 1995 TV series, instead of an admitted "I Am Legend" rip-off.