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On the next Smallville, 1967...

(I cross posted this at Scans Daily, as well.)

I found an issue of World's Finest in the bargain bin of the local used bookstore. It was worth every penny. Issue #167, from June 1967, deals with what happens when DC writers smoke a lot of crack and get bored with the usual Bats/Supes slashiness. Alternate Universe! Boosh!

(Some of these scans are way too big for the page, so click on the thumbnails for the bigger version.)

What really snagged me was the cover. It's the "WRONG!" that did it -- reminding me of so many message board trolls.

And so you can understand what the point of the whole comic is:

But it's the stuff on the inside that made me glad I snatched this out of the discount section. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are my most favorite panels. To read the whole comic, check out the full page scans in the image directory.

"ME FEEL STRONG!" <--Dialog does not get any better than that. OR DOES IT?

"Well, my parents are dead! I think I'll run off with a formerly unmentioned rich uncle who just happens to live in Gotham City in what is apparently the Wayne Manor in some other, normal universe!" I love how, despite the rich relatives, the Kents have to share one little headstone.

By the way, if you're in suspense, the uncle dies shortly afterward and leaves Clark all his money.

"Hmm. A cave full of bats. I think I'll call it: Cozy Cave!" I love how even in the alternate universe, the butler is named Alfred.

See, kids. Lois being a horny slut IS TOO CANNON.

I love, love, LOVE that there is a closeup of a hand touching a button, and they thought "Hey, we need a dialog box explaining that a hand is touching a button." I love that apparently Lex's hands don't work, or he's so religious about keeping them at 10 and 2 that he can't simply reach up and try to grab Lois by the ankle.

Just as I always suspected: Hitting things makes what you want to happen, happen. Fascinating that Brainiac's high-tech space ship can be fooled by being hit at the same time from two different points of origin.

After previously establishing that she thinks superheroes are stupid, the best gift ever in the world is finding out that both your co-worker and your husband like to wear tights together.

And my dirty mind wonders how long did it take, off-panel, for one of the them to suggest a threesome.

Yes, it's true. Somehow they worked Supergirl in, as well. She decides her secret identity should be the Hooker By Day look.

"This gun never worked right!" Stunning. Simply stunning. WHY ARE YOU USING A DEFECTIVE GUN? Any number of bad things could happen! Think of your virility, man!

The most Smallville-ian moment of the whole comic: Lex has a spaceship he never mentioned before, and convenient that he built it, because now he needs it to keep his SOLID GOLD FEVER away from his best friend, which could make him IMPOTENT FROM SHEER STUDLINESS.

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"the best gift ever in the world is finding out that both your co-worker and your husband like to wear tights together."

They'd better be planning on robbing a bank or I'm leaving.