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Coke Tested, Geek (sort of) Approved


So, Geektress very kindly invited me in for a guest posting, because I'm right on my uppers and I cannot write poetry as well as Ewan McTeagle.

This site tends more toward comics and science fiction than not. I love these subjects quite a lot, but not passionately enough to write knowledgeably about them.

However, Bren offered me some subjects to discuss, including "Gadgets We Don't Need But Want (You Know, Like Jump Drives Shaped As Sushi)."

How well she does know me. Not only do I want several of those, I had the brilliant idea that the perfect storage for them, when not in use, would be a bento box.

I might not be as hardcore geek as your normal correspondents, but you have to admit that I hold my own, at least a little. I am a gadget whore. My fantasy is to hit the lottery and buy everything Hammacher-Schlemmer and Thinkgeek.com ever even thought about carrying.

(Did you know that Thinkgeek actually has a t-shirt that detects wi-fi signals? Not only do I want to own that, I want to be on What Not to Wear and challenge Stacy and Clinton to try to take it off me. They'd lose their perfectly manicured little fingers, I'm telling you.)

So I decided to poke round the Web a bit and see what spoke to my inner pocket-protector. And, oddly, the winner of the Stuff I Want This Week is actually missing some integral technology that would make it truly reek of geek.

That was way too much "eek." Sorry; I'll come in again.

Do please regard this, if you'd be so good:

You only think that's "the Real Thing."

(See what I did there?)

Actually, it's a AM/FM/CD alarm clock with speakers.

You and I know it needs a docking station for an MP3 player to truly hit Geek Jackpot, and it does not have that. The Coke CD player is nowhere near the best piece of geekery I've seen lately, from a technological standpoint. No one needs this item as it is currently configured. It might just as well play 8-track tapes for all the good it will do us.

And at $179 US, its cost is disgustingly prohibitive, especially considering that all it is, essentially, is a $30 alarm clock couched in $149 worth of product placement.

But the fact that I stopped cold when I saw it and squealed regardless, speaks volumes (heh!) about its geekeffects, and that's why it wins my vote for a Gadget I Don't Need, But Want.

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The stereo is very fun, but then, I'm a Coke drinker. And the I badly need the sushi jump drive.