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Batwoman Reborn


Diversify! Diversify! DC Comics Must Diversify! Or at least that's what they were shouting two years ago as they announced a slew of upcoming "diverse" characters ranging from a Hispanic "Blue Beetle" to a lesbian "Batwoman", Kate Kane. Blue Beetle passed under the radar as far as a major fan outcry goes, however Lezzy Kane did not-- not that this is a surprising turn of events.

The very first appearance of the new "Batwoman" was in my comic book store in 52's issue number 7. The introduction was short and wanting for more. Several weeks passed before Kate's first caped appearance would flap its way across the panels, and admittedly, it was pretty bad-ass.

"Batwoman's" reintroduction into the comic book series after a multi-decade hiatus went on to form a somewhat organic love story between the re-imagined character and a continued female character that has been consistently appearing in "Batman" stories and other DC related arches for several decades, Renee Montoya. As we progressed through the continued mystery of "52" we come to find a darker source trying to eliminate Kate as Renee and "The Question" seek to save her from her prophesied doom. Through a heart-breaking decline of Renee's closest male confident, Kate and Renee seemed to rekindle their simmering romance, coming to a full on boil in the special holiday issue of "52" as the two women are shown to be together during Hanukkah.

Kate aids Renee in getting The Question to a remote location where she thinks he will possibly get better. Later, Renee comes to rescue Kate from the Intergang.

Even after Kate appears a couple of times later, the readers are still left with a sense of mystery regarding the DC comic newcomer. We are left with no sense of who this character is and how her story will ultimately intertwine with DC's Verse. The faithful readers could probably benefit from an entire series or miniseries featuring the newest member to the Bat Family, or at least I could.

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Dor sho gha! This is still more interesting that North Star in Alpha Flight. Then again, there isn't much LESS interesting than Alpha Flight in any capacity.