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Well, The Title Sucks

(via MovieWeb)

Cyber Group Animation has a trailer and description for the new "Wolverine and the X-Men" animated series. My favorite part of this trailer is when Cyclops optic blasts Wolverine into another building. That needs to happen more often.

There are so many things about this trailer that annoy me, starting with the title of the show. The X-Men are not the Supremes to Wolverine's Diana Ross. Wolverine also seems to be about a foot taller than he should be, but he's been growing in the comic books as well. This is all Hugh Jackman's fault. Then there is Storm's hair. At some point, somebody decided that Storm cannot have decent hair outside of the comic books. They should have given her the mohawk look. Finally, no one has an accent. Quicksilver? Doesn't sound remotely Eastern European. Rogue? No cheesy southern accent.

All that aside, this actually looks pretty cool. I'm kind of excited about it. I'm a bit uncertain about certain things like Rogue joining up with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but I'm intrigued by the development. It's interesting that the story seems to hinge on the disbanding of the X-Men after the apparent murder of Xavier, as the mirrors the end of the recent "Messiah Complex" storyline in the comics. (I won't dwell on my suspicions of corporate synergy, because that will just depress me.) Fortunately, the similarities seem to end there. For one thing, Cyclops gets to retain his leadership role in the comics, but seeing him give it all up after the death of Jean is nothing new. Also, I like the Foo Fighters a lot, so it's possible that the music in this trailer has something to do with my optimism.

Anyway, if and when they announce when and where this show is going to air, I'll be sure to check it out. At the very least it will give me more opportunity to complain about Wolverine's overexposure.

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Comments (5)

The Mighty Fek'lhr liked it in "Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe" when Punisher throws Wolverine into an electric fence and fries his ass to the metal skeleton.

After that, Punisher nukes the XMen. Pretty righteous.


What the hell IS up with Storm's hair? For a sec, I thought I was watching a trailer for "The Last Unicorn."


i've always thought storm was the weak link in the x-men comics.


1) Why did I not know there was a "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe" and how can I get my hads on it?

2) Rania, now I will never be able to un-think that.

3)mmat, clearly you are wrong, because Storm is awesome in the comics. I blame Halle Berry for people not understanding that.


Did I hear the voice of Mr. Feeny from TV's "Boy Meets World"?

"Brotherhood, X-Men, your days are numbered!"

Woo hoo!