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The Fly Buzzes In To... Opera?


Metroblogging Los Angeles reports that LA Opera is going to put on a new opera production of David Cronenberg's "The Fly." It is to be directed by Cronenberg and conducted by Placido Domingo, with music by Howard Shore and book by David Henry Hwang. (via The Beat)

I so want to make fun of this. It just seems so ridiculous. It's "The Fly" as an opera. I mean, it's the latest in a string of really wacky musical adaptations.

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And yet, I still really want to see this.


What I really want to know is, are they going to keep the "barfing on the food to liquefy it" bit? Because how one would put that to music is beyond me. Eh, who am I kidding? I'd pay money...*deep operatic voice* "Oh! Oh! That's disguistinggggg!"


It's a dead medium, but I think that this will be pretty fly for an opera.

The Mighty Fek'lhr is using His imagination to read your Knight Rider review. It's not very well written, but kinda funny.


I'd like to know how the Mighty Fek'lhr knows that it's not well written, yet funny, seeing as The Mighty Bren'lhr's review of Tin Man still has't been published to the site yet because it was so painful to live through the first time.