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X-Files Movie Actually Happening


Tired of hearing me say things like: "I like Supernatural, it reminds me of all the good stuff about the X-Files," Chris Carter has taken a quick survey of his finances and has finally decided that an X-Files movie sequel would be a good idea.

USA Today has the first pictures from the new film, which I didn't use for the banner photo because it's just not goddamn sexy enough.

In his time off, Carter has obviously been reading internet message boards and realizing that the latter half of his show suffered greatly from teh suck (except Robert Patrick, of course, who will always be A-#1 in my heart):

"We spent a lot of time on (the mythology) and wrapped up a lot of threads" when the show went off the air in 2002, says Chris Carter, creator of the series and director of the new movie. "We want a stand-alone movie, not a mythology conspiracy one."

By "wrapped up a lot of threads," he means "had Mulder and Scully do it off-screen, disappointing everyone who ever watched the show, and instead gave us a season full of speculation as to whether their lovechild was some sort of ghost, or alien, or robot. Or possibly a ghost alien robot."

"For me, The X-Files has always been a romance," he says. "They had an intellectual romance that's very rare and restrained compared to so many relationships on TV. I think that's what appealed most to the fans. And they're back."

Yeah, that's what appealed to us. The restrained sexual tension. That's what everyone wants: Pride & Prejudice with vampire bats. How do these show creators always seem to miss the point of their own damn shows? The Scully/Mulder thing was a nice side effect of a cool scary show about people being possessed by demons and creepy little kids with ESP. Then you added all that crap about corn, and virus oil, and bees, and lost half your audience.

God, I hope this movie is good. I don't think I can take anymore Rock the Flavor of Love type shows.

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Comments (3)


I'm so glad you chose that picture.


I'm thinking, for future posts about this movie, I should photoshop Robert Patrick's head over Duchovny and Carter. Just because it would further resemble the fanfic I never write. (TWO Robert Patricks? You mean the X-Files One and the Terminator One, With The Ears? Heaven!)

Ack! No! His ears in Terminator 2 were so distracting. Also, I can never watch anything with Robert Patrick without thinking "Have you seen this boy?"