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Star Trek 11 Teaser Trailer

Cold chills, y'all. Cold chills. I am actually developing some hope that this is going to be done right.

[Also, we hope this version of the trailer doesn't give you epilepsy. -Bren]

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That was pretty damn cool! It's been way too long since the last Trek movie so I'm psyched for this one!

Why yes, I have actually always wanted to see the Enterprise being built. Thank you, JJ Abrams. What's the deal though? Shatner wouldn't even do the "Space...the final frontier" thing? Not cool, man.


Medea is in it. That makes me sad.


Shatner is *desperate* to be allowed to take any part available, according to everything I've read, but Abrams won't/can't find a way to bring Kirk back from the dead, especially with the strike going on.

Which is bullshit, because it'd be easy to just go back to the Nexus and pull out the part of Kirk that's still there.

Who knew welding could be so stirring and exciting? BUILD ME MY SHIP, Y'ALL!

Oh, see I had read that Shatner didn't want to do it because it was only going to be a cameo, and he has, like a swelled head or something now that he has an Emmy, but I am sure you would know better than I.


Well, to be fair, "everything I've read" has been very recent, (I'd been turning my nose up at everything involved with this movie until last month or so) so it's quite possible he's changed his tune.


I hope Shatner gets in. He could easily play the young James Kirk's grandfather, at the very least.