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Rambo Vs. Predator Totally Not Happening...yet.


Geektress Laura brought to our attention that Wizard Universe online had a story article titled "READY FOR A RAMBO VS. PREDATOR MAIN EVENT?", which did not in fact involve any sort of event Re: Rambo V. Predator. Which, to be sure, was a disappointment to all of us here.

As much as I am loathe to give them credit for anything, Ain't It Cool News and their readers had a question and answer session with Sly Stallone. His response to "What's next for Rambo?":

...I think a challenge would be to take the character, which has been perceived mostly in a realistic vein, and add another element of the surreal that would actually take the audience into a slightly different genre. It’s not like I’m going to turn it into a full-on Broadway musical starring the Muppets, but it is ambitious.

Laura:The title got my hopes up for Rambo vs. Predator, an idea so stupid it would have to be awesome. Rambo reimagined as a Broadway musical with muppets sounds pretty awesome, too, and I don't think Stallone should discount that so easily.

Brenda: I love that he is so out of touch with reality that his first thought was the Muppets. Clearly he has not heard of Cirque Du Soleil, which would undoubtedly be the first place people turn to for a musical of Rambo. Either that or whomever it was that did The Lion King.

Laura: Julie Taymor did the Lion King, but she's also doing the Spider-Man musical. Frankly, I think referencing the Muppets was the more reasonable option there. Rambo as a Cirque production? Too far fetched. Rambo and some puppets? That could work.

Brenda: Too far fetched?!? Not if we do Rambo: The Early Years! You think sad clowns dressed as the Vietcong, suspended from wires along the ceiling and playing sad pianos that shoot bullets of glitter is too far fetched? I have no idea where you would've gotten such an idea! I don't care what you say, we're keeping the dream sequence where an imprisoned Rambo envisions his death with five guys spinning giant hoops and a wall of dancing sand. THE DEATHHOOP NUMBER STAYS IN THE SHOW.

Laura: I stand corrected. That's brilliant. I'm still very annoyed at that Wizard headline, though. I really got my hopes up for Rambo vs. Predator. I mean, it's a tough call who would win there. On the one hand, Predator took down almost an entire platoon. On the other hand, another Predator was taken down by Danny Glover and a hand gun.

Brenda: It's like a logic problem. If Rambo ≥ platoon; platoon ≠ Predator; Danny Glover > Predator, is Danny Glover > Rambo? Maybe it should be Rambo V. Murtaugh: Too Old For This Shit.

Laura: Speaking of circuses, ABC is going to bring back Circus of the Stars!

Brenda: Finally, my prayers have been answered. Please, God, let it have Patrick Duffy and Kirk Cameron reuniting to do their trapeze act. And Shatner with a Samurai Sword. Amen.

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If Rambo ≥ platoon; platoon ≠ Predator; Danny Glover > Predator, is Danny Glover > Rambo? Maybe it should be Rambo V. Murtaugh: Too Old For This Shit.

=GOLD, to quote you.