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Now Here's a Guy Who Would Never Make a Deal With the Devil

(Video via buzzfocus)

The Kids WB website has several sneak peaks up for the new Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. The latest one features the Vulture. I have nothing snarky or funny to say about this. It's just awesome. I am so excited for this cartoon. I hope we get a sneak peak with some Peter Parker and supporting cast action soon. The character designs look fantastic, except for Gwen Stacy, who looks nothing like Gwen Stacy. That's to be expected though. They have to do something to her to make her interesting.

I really do think that this cartoon has a high potential for awesome. The people behind it seem to know what they are doing, and just looking at the clips shows that they have got Spidey down cold. Between this, Legion of Superheroes, The Batman, and Teen Titans being moved to Saturday mornings, it is going to be a totally kick ass line up of superhero cartoons, unlike anything since FOX in the Nineties, if FOX's line up in the Nineties was made up of two superheroe shows that were awesome and two that are just kind of mediocre.

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Let us hope that young Spidey is less stupid than young Clark.

Hey, he's out there fighting bad guys in costume. He's already way ahead of the Smallville curve.