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Marvel Makes Deal With WGA; Blows Raspberry At DC


Newsarama is reporting that Lionsgate Films and Marvel Studios have signed an interim deal with the Writers' Guild of America, similar to the ones made with United Artists, The Weinstein Co., and Worlwide Pants. This is significant because it will allow Lionsgate to continue to churn out "Saw" sequels while the strike continues, though one wonders if those movies even really need a script at this point. It also means that work can be resumed immediately on the various films based on Marvel characters that are slated for production, which include Ant-Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers. It also continues the long trend of Marvel actually making movies while Warner Brothers allows its DC related film projects to fall apart. I wouldn't be surprised if we actually see The Avengers movie hit theaters before the JLA. Hell, there'll probably be a Cloak & Dagger movie before there's another Superman movie.

I'm especially excited about Ant-Man. Nothing says action like a guy who can shrink down to the size of a bug. Do you think it will affect ticket sales when people learn that the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, beat his wife? Thor's going to be a tough one. A Norse god who speaks like he just stepped out of a bad Shakespeare production might be a hard sell. And I'm not sure when they plan for the Captain America movie to come out, but I have a hunch it will be around the same time Marvel resurrects Steve Rogers in the comics. (As an aside, I actually really want to see a Captain America movie, so if they screw that up, I will be crushed.)

Maybe it would be better if they waited to see if the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk movies are actually any good before they rush this stuff into production.

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Didn't Joe Quesada say no more resurrections a few years back? That he wanted the death of a character to mean something? I guess once Brubaker brought Bucky back (try saying that 5 times!), that all went out the window.

I am also a big Cap fan, so whenever I need my fix, I pull out my VHS copy of the classic 1990 Captain America film, and let myself be blown away by Matt Salinger's spot-on portrayal of ol' winghead.

Quesada said "dead means dead." Then Marvel brought back Bucky, Colossus, and a bunch of other characters.

Unfortunately, I can't say that I enjoyed the 1990 Captain America movie, so gotta dig through the back issues for a Steve Rogers fix.

Did you guys ever read the "What If?" where Punisher ran the Avengers? It was kind of crappy!

I have not, but I have read many a crappy "What If?" so I am not surprised.