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Believe It Or Not, "The Greatest American Hero" Will Be A Movie

How the hell did I miss this? There's going to be a "Greatest American Hero" movie. Not only that, but it's going to be directed by the guy who directed "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." IGN found the report on ProductionCharts.com earlier this month. I didn't even know a "Greatest American Hero" movie was a possibility, let alone that it was ready for a director or a July 2008 production start date. Apparently, it has been in development since 2000.

Now, I'm normally the first person to bemoan the horribleness of film versions of classic television shows, but unlike, say "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" for example, I'm not too worried that Stephen Herek, the aforementioned director of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," is going to go all grim and gritty on the concept of a guy who gets a supersuit from some aliens but loses the instruction manual. I mean, he's the guy who directed "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" (and a bunch of other, significantly less awesome movies that I won't mention, but that are mostly of a comedic nature). Also, one of the co-writers, Chris Matheson, was a co-writer on both Bill & Ted movies (and a bunch of other, significantly less awesome movies that I won't mention, but that are mostly of a comedic nature).

Maybe I'm completely insane, but I'm going to choose to remain optimistic about this one. "The Greatest American Hero" is fun, the "Bill & Ted" movies are fun. There's potential here, right? Maybe they could have Wyld Stallions show up to perform a cover of the theme song. I'm mostly concerned about casting. Sure anyone could play Connie Sellecca's role; and Robert Culp was great, but hardly irreplaceable; but who has a head of hair that could even come close to comparing with William Katt's magnificent curls?

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I just hope they don't cast Will Smiff and let him ruin the theme song.

I'm hoping for Jonah Hill. America is ready for a fat superhero, and he can get the Afro going.


I just want you to know that every time I return to the site for any reason, I take the opportunity to play the video above like 90 times. I had no idea I liked it that much.

That's why I put it there, Dane. I could have just gone with a picture, but when you are talking "Greatest American Hero," people want to hear the song.