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Wonder Woman #14


Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Terry and Rachel Dodson
Imprint: DC Comics
Publish Date: 11/14/2007

Christmas came early for me when DC announced that Gail Simone would be taking over the writing helm for Wonder Woman. After her excellent run on Birds of Prey, I really couldn't think of anyone better suited to write for one of my all time favorite superheroes. Add the Dodsons on art, and well, my head exploded off my shoulders. So, imagine my absolute delight when, after hungrily tearing through the issue before I even made it out of my comic book store (and then the heavens opened up with a most glorious light and the angels trumpeted while I gently wept tears of redemption), I realized that this was indeed going to be a fun ride.

The story opens with Hippolyta narrating her current state of solitude on Themyscira after a poorly executed attack on the U.S. and the Amazons exile from their beloved island where the Lancome moisturizer is free and the pastries plentiful. Oh, wait. That's my paradise island. In my mind. Anyway, we learn that the queen isn't alone after all. Dutifully, Hippolyta approaches cells in each of the four directions to ask if the women imprisoned within will repent and to which all reply, "Never." In the fourth cell, however, the prisoner from the South presents her highness with a crown that she whittled with her fucking teeth. Man, the Amazons are hardcore. She then accuses Hippolyta of betrayal by birthing the "dragon" and begs her to kill the abomination, to which Hippolyta refuses. Oh, snap. Diana's birth was an abomination?! This is going to be good, y'all.

Next, we're thrown into the middle of a fierce showdown between Wonder Woman and gorilla assasins engineered by Grodd. Alas, they're not monkey assasins, but Grodd is freakin' awesome, so we're cool there, Simone. Nice Superman and Batman shout-outs, too. I'd also like to thank the Dodsons for straping a shield to Diana's back. That's seriously awesome. And practical. After wrestling for a bit, Wonder Woman negotiates a cease-fire with Grodd's minions in exchange for amnesty. This scene is where it becomes apparent that Simone gets this character: She's a diplomat for peace, but an incredible warrior when the need arises. In addition, Diana is innatley royal although dispossessed. I like that Diana accepts the gorilla assasin's tribute of a bow instead of insisting that she doesn't deserve it. Wonder Woman may certainly be humble, but a martyr she is not. The diplomat/warrior/princess is a pretty badass trifeca of superhero-ness and precisely why I'm a fan of the character. Kudos, Gail.

I adore that Diana offers her apartment as refuge for the gorillas and I'm a sucker for a good poo-flinging reference. What can I say? I also like that Brad Pitt, er, I mean, Nemisis, would throw Diana a workplace birthday party. This is meta commentary that works for me...We here at Geektress can't buy that Wonder Woman wouldn't know how to pump freakin' gas, but it's a nice touch that she would grapple with the intricate social and emotional aspects of being mortal. Oh, and also, cake is really good. Ball-busting Sarge Steel finally suspects Diana's ties to the Amazons and sends her and Nemisis to follow-up on intelligence gathered about Grodd. Soon after, he comes upon Etta Candy, a character from way back, now written as a acid-tongue Lieutenant Colonel who isn't afraid to call Steele out on his use of alcohol and psychiatric medication. She's also a potential foe of Diana's. Meanwhile, we learn that Batman donated a billion dollar invisible helicopter to the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Totally altruistic. Nothing to do with the way Diana rocks those go-go boots. Move along, folks. And the there's...


And he's fucking gi-normous. Wonder Woman versus the Nazis is old school and it works well here. Especially, when we discover that they have plans to invade Themyscira. One of the things that Simone does really well is establish all of the different directions you can expect the story to take without giving anything away. It leaves me wanting more and I haven't felt that way in quite a while. As my fellow Geektress, Laura, said about this issue, "It's as it should be." I can't help but imagine Wonder Woman smiling a little at that.

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