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Butler to Embrace Bestiality?


Chud is reporting that the producers of the ridiculously long named X-Men Origins: Wolverine are offering the role of Victor Creed, also known as Sabertooth, to current comic adaptation It-Boy, Gerard Butler. This is after Karl Urban fell out of talks, which, if they can get Butler, seems fortuitous for them. I like Karl Urban, but Gerard Butler is a star on the rise. Chud also reports that director Gavin Hood is seeking Natalie Portman to play a character named "Kayla" (good luck with that) and that Deadpool may make an appearance.

In theory, I am all about Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler being in the same movie, and Butler is a fairly good choice for the role. It's just that Sabertooth is the unsexiest role ever. He's like a Sasquatch with all that hair. Add that to the fact that years of reading comics have taught me to despise both Wolverine and Sabertooth, for over use if nothing else, and it removes all joy from this particular casting rumor.

The most exciting thing I learned from the Chud article is that the Escape from New York remake has fallen apart. [:::fist pump::: YEAH! -Bren] I like Gerard Butler and all, but nobody should be playing Snake Plissken but Kurt Russell. I am also amused that he is being sought for a possible Untouchables prequel, because when I saw 300, I could not help but think he had become Sean Connery (specifically Sean Connery in Time Bandits). I do wonder why the world needs a prequel to Untouchables though.

I don't know what to make of the Natalie Portman and Deadpool rumors. I think that a Deadpool movie would be a lot of fun, and I would be very much on board with Ryan Reynolds starring in it, but the character seems like an odd fit for a Wolverine movie, despite that his origin is also as part of the Weapon X project. As for Natalie Portman, she's just become some sort of geek goddess, hasn't she? It's odd too, because for all the genre stuff she's been doing, those are her worst performances. She's excellent in stuff like Closer, but not so much in Star Wars. Who the hell is "Kayla" anyway? Admittedly, I have not read ever single Wolverine story out there, but I'm familiar with the Weapon X stuff and I do not remember a Kayla. What about Silver Fox? She was part of the Weapon X project and is pretty important to Wolverine's past, having died on him a few times.

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