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Mulroney Raises the Green Lantern

Dermot Mulroney to voice Green Lantern on The Batman: TV Guide is reporting that Dermot Mulroney will provide the voice of Hal Jordon on an episode of The Batman later this season. For those of you who have not been keeping up with the Saturday morning cartoons, Green Lantern will be the fourth Justice League guest appearance since the League was introduced in last season's two part season finale, which featured Martian Manhunter. As has become standard with these sorts of things, Mulroney proves his comic cred in the article, stating that he read DC comics as a child, fighting over issues with his brothers. At least that explains how the show managed to get a relatively big name actor, at least compared to their usual vocal talent, for the role. He also happens to be the brother of one of the co-writers of the live action Justice League film, not that that helps.
The Batman has never been the greatest cartoon, and it even pails in comparison to Legion of Superheroes, which is part of the same line up. The advantage that Dermot Mulroney has in voicing Hal Jordon is that he is the first Justice League guest star who won't suffer in comparison to a prior version. Sure The Batman's version of Superman was voiced by George Newbern (and Lex Luthor was voiced by Clancy Brown, the best Lex Luthor ever), but he was a jerk. I'm not down with that interpretation of the character, though I did like the more Cristopher Reeve inspired interpretation of Clark Kent. Green Arrow was more than a bit bland, and I am so in love with Michael Rosenbaum's vocal performance as Flash that, despite a pretty decent story, that episode could not help but be disappointing. However, the only time Hal Jordon ever appeared on Justice League or Justice League Unlimited was for a couple of lines of dialogue at most in a time travel episode, and the episode is likely to air before David Boreanaz's turn as Hal Jordon in New Frontier hits our DVD players. His only real competition comes from the old SuperFriends cartoon and Mathew Settle in the live action Justice League pilot.

I also happen to think that Mulroney is pretty good casting for the part. He has a laid back charm and cockiness that I do not think he will have a problem with getting across solely with his voice. In short, he might be able to make the character interesting, even though, in all likeliness, the writing won't be doing him any favors. Now, if we could just convince the producers that the Justice League isn't some sort of men's club (see also: Smallville), then there might be reason to get excited about this show.

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