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He-Man Movie to Not Totally Suck?


That seems unlikely. Doesn't it?

Justin Marks reveals plans for He-Man: IESB has an excerpt up of Justin Marks' interview with Toyfare Magazine where he talks about his plans for the film. Among other things, he talks about his hopes of making a trilogy, his desire to not cast a professional wrestler in the title role, and how He-Man will, in fact, be going by the name of He-Man. The most obvious revelation from the interview is definitely that the villain will be Skeletor. One wonders why Toyfare would even bother asking that question.

While I find it encouraging that Marks obviously knows and respects the material, there still seems to be a note of embarrassment about the whole thing, as if he needs to prove that Masters of the Universe is more than just goofy, kids' stuff. The problem with that is that it is goofy, kids' stuff, and there really is no way of making a movie that is true to the cartoon if it is going to be one that takes itself too seriously. First and foremost, we must remember that this is a character who wears furry manties and whose best friend is that annoying Orco. Also, as encouraging as it is that he does not want the film to star a professional wrestler, I really have no idea what to make of the fact that his favorite actor is Michael Biehn.

It could always be worse though. As IESB also reported less than a month ago, people are lining up to take Justin Marks' job. Kaare Andrews even produced his own trailer, presenting his vision for the project (which can be seen by following the link). It's not exactly kid friendly, which does not surprise me. As far as I know, the last thing Andrews worked on was the comic book miniseries Spider-Man: Reign, which featured, among other dubious ideas, the revelation that Mary Jane died of cancer she developed from Spider-Man's irradiated sperm. Then her corpse bit off part of his face.

Whatever happens with this movie, I just hope it makes a crap load of money. That way, they will make a She-Ra spin-off. How awesome would that be? Wait! What studio is making this? It's not Warner Brothers, is it? It is? SHIT!

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Bruce Acosta:

Warner Bros,Silver Pictures and Mattel are working on the live action version of Masters Of The Universe,just to say if that Kaare Andrews would do the directing duties on the film while Neil Ellice and Justin Marks are working on the script and Travis Fimmel or Chris Hemsworth to play He-Man. I think Travis Fimmel looks the part for He-Man than Chris Hemsworth. Kaare Andrews could be the next Hollywood director in the future.A.