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BSG: Razor - So Stab We All!

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica: There was a season three that you may have seen, but does not figure in to this movie. However, if you haven't seen season three and you watch the movie, you may be confused. Very, very confused. Hell, I have seen it, and I'm not sure I understand some of the stuff in here.

Razor takes place during the latter half of season two. Specifically, I assume the events of this movie were going on while we were having a look at "New(ly Nuked) Caprica" through the eyes of its Cylon inhabitants, in the episode "Downloaded." The Battlestar Pegasus has already made its grand appearance, bitchface Admiral Cain (MICHELLE FORBES) has been shot by the Pegasus copy of Number Six, Gina. The Pegasus commanders that followed, Jack Fisk (GRAHAM BECKEL) and Barry Garner (JOHN HEARD), are also quickly dispatched with during the course of season two. We're picking up just as Adama is making Apollo the new Commanding Officer of Pegasus.

"You're born, you live, and you die. There are no do-overs, no second chances to make things right if you frak 'em up the first time. Not in this life, anyway." A disembodied voice takes us through the "previouslies" with this charming monologue. The voice is female, and apparently a New Zealander -- or whatever the hell planet the Kiwis are from in Galactica-world -- with shades of Mohinder Suresh-like supposition. She's also dragging a knife up and down her arm. I'm sure this knife won't have any metaphorical meaning at all in this movie named "Razor."

We open with Roslin formally introducing Apollo as the Pegasus's new Commander. In the galley, a woman who is dressed like an officer, but apparently is a part of the kitchen staff, throws aforementioned knife against a wall. She is the source of our disembodied voice, Kendra Shaw (STEPHANIE JACOBSEN). She also doesn't seem to like the sound of Apollo's voice over the Space Radio, which immediately endears me to her. After everyone leaves the galley, Shaw shoots up with what I assume is the Colonial equivalent of heroin (heroin with the corners cut off, more than likely,) and we're treated to a drug-induced flashback to the scene of a massacre.

Shaw reports to Apollo's new Captain's Quarters, which have been outfitted with chairs. Is this how he gets the giant fat ass? We'll never learn. Apollo notes that Shaw wasn't liked by Fisk or Garner -- so much so that she was demoted from a captain to dishwasher. Ouch. This comment prompts a flashback to Shaw's first day on the Pegasus.

(Flashback) It's just barely pre-nuclear annihiliation days. The Pegasus is dry-docked outside of Scorpia. ("Dry docked" doesn't so much mean it landed on the planet as it means it's parked in a space-station looking thing in Scorpia's orbit.) As Shaw arrives, Cain is working a treadmill, and reading what look like damage reports for the Pegasus. (According to the report, there was "level 3" damage to one of the decks, among other things, which does not sound good.) The knife from the opening scene is with her on the treadmill.

Cain's XO, Belzen, enters her quarters (heh) and pokes fun at her for reading work-related stuff while supposedly being on vacation. She playfully mocks his penchant for paragliding. When Belzen wheedles Cain's shore leave non-plans out of her, he invites her back to his place to visit "the kids" and unwind with real friends. She's reluctant to leave the Pegasus while it's offline for repairs. So, to sum up: Cain has no hot dates to get to, no games of Sabacc to jump in on, no seminars on taking back the night to attend.

Shaw is wandering around the Pegasus looking for CIC, and who should point her in the right direction but the lovely Gina, all dressed down in a "network administrator" uniform, with dark blond hair. (Please note for the record that I think Tricia Helfer looks amazing as Gina, but with the bleached blond stylings of her other incarnations, not so much.) This is Gina pre-rape, so she's all kindness and smiles. Sadly, not for long.

When Shaw finally gets to CIC, Cain harangues her for showing up late. There is a little exposition in this exchange where it's insinuated that Shaw's mother was some kind of important person who pulled strings to get Kendra on the Pegasus. (Her mother's cancer was important enough to "make the papers," anyway. At least, the papers that Cain reads, which could be "Colonial Bitches Weekly" for all I know.) Shaw is dismissed, and when she goes, Cain jokes with Fisk and Belzer about how she enjoyed jerking Shaw around.

Someone named "Hoshi" takes Shaw to her quarters and provides us with some interesting information: "With the right passcode, you can control just about any part of the ship from any other. Except for right now, while the network's down for maintenance." If this were my place of employment, "maintenance" would be any time of the day when everyone most needs to use whatever it is that's not currently available. Just then, the Cylons attack the shipyards. Hoshi is killed (we hardly knew ye! You should've been wearing a red shirt,) and Shaw is knocked unconscious for a bit. When she comes to, it's Cain standing over her, asking her if she's all right. When Shaw replies with a blank stare, Cain slaps her up to the CIC.

The CIC's on fire, sort of. People are running around shouting, not the least of whom is Cain, wanting to know what the hell is going on. Belzer gives her the news about the nuclear attack on Scorpia, and the fact that not only are their computers all discombobulated, but their weapons are down. Everything has to be done "manually" -- which means they launch their missles by letter and rotary phone. Cain makes the decision to jump and get the hell out of there, just as the Cylons launch two nukes at the fleeing battlestar.

Shaw complains that they'll have make a "blind jump", which could "put them inside of a sun." It's at this point I'd like to point out that the chances of "blind jumping" in to anything is like, a zillion to one. Space is VAST, y'all. And anyway, if I were the one doing the computating, I'd be an asshole and jump us about 5000 feet from where we already were, and would keep doing that until the Cylons got really annoyed. I'm also the girl who will find out what it is you hate the most for me to do, and do that as much as possible. What I'm saying is: I'm fun on long road trips. Cain would've already had me gang raped by now.

After the blind jump, we return to present times. (/end Flashback) "Who am I? I'm a soldier," Shaw says. The other commanders didn't deserve her respect, and she thinks Apollo is a step up, but his "daddy gave him a Battlestar," which prompts Apollo to make her his XO. His intentions are blah blah blah pride whatsit Cain legacy plot device. In other words, he's trying to suck up to the Pegasus crew by vaulting Cain's darling out of the kitchen and to number two in command.

P.S., this "Tin Man" movie looks kind of good. Better than The Golden Compass, anyway.

Back to the show, and Shaw is training her marines to put together their weapons while blindfolded. Some of the soldiers are not as adept at this as, say, Forrest Gump was -- which Shaw proves without a lot of shouting. (More like: fierce whispering.) Adama and Apollo are looking on, and Adama remarks to Lee that Shaw is a "meaner" XO than Tigh. I'd say that's the Colonial Heroin she's shooting up. Apollo understates that Shaw doesn't get along with Starbuck (who does?) and Adama chuckles just thinking about it. Then he advises Apollo to build trust with his XO and work as a team, because that's really important until you get the end of the show and have to kill off the character because her contract doesn't include a full season run.

In a wildly unbelievable scenario, considering they're in the midst of running for their lives, Adama admits to Apollo that he let a "science team" take one of the Raptors to go explore a "supernova remnant."

Scientist: Excuse me, Admiral? We're totally bored. Can we take one of your few remaining military vehicles and go, like, explore space?
Adama: Hey, sure. We need a reason for this entire movie to exist. Have fun!

The "science team" is overdue, so Adama is sending Apollo on a search and rescue mission to find them. Starbuck leads the charge and is chatting it up with one of her fellow Viper pilots, "Showboat." As this happens, Shaw is scraping blood off of one of the consoles in the CIC, and this prompts a

(Flashback). Casualties aboard the Pegasus post-blind jump are at over 700, more than a quarter of their crew. (That seems kind of small for a battlestar crew, but maybe they weren't at full staff? Another case for working late: It'll save you from certain death.) They've also lost over 30 ships, and are cut off from any real news about the attack. Belzer doesn't think it's a good idea to risk the whole battlestar to go on a recon mission back to the Colonies, so Cain sends a couple of Raptors out to scout what's going on.

Shaw is bringing all the computers back online, and she's discovered the secret backdoor in the Cylon spyware hiding in Baltar's new navigation program. Interesting that she seemed to figure that out before Gaeta ever did. Cain is as impressed as I am, and tells Shaw to get some rack time, as she's been up for two days trying to get everything running again. Kendra reveals that she was terrified when the attack first happened, and Cain tells her that repressed anger will help her get through the scary times. That explains a lot about how Cain handles stressful situations, I guess.

After placing some flags over the bodies of the dead (AGAIN WITH THE FRAKKIN FLAGS!), Cain makes a speech to the crew, relaying the grim truth of the Cylon attacks. Her instinct was similar to Adama's in the miniseries: do not run and hide -- fight like hell! Unfortunately, Cain has no one to point out the "must have babies" tactic, so she implores her crew to stand up for war in the face of impossibility in order to get some serious payback. The crew responds with a rousing chorus of "SO SAY WE ALL!"

Belzer, Fisk and Shaw are attending a dinner party hosted by Cain. They're discussing some recon photos of one of the Cylon Resurrection Ships. They decide that'll be their first revenge target. Gina walks in, and there is a moment where Cain air-kisses her hello, and it's definitely played up so that you think "THEY MIGHT BE DOING IT! I WONDER IF THEY'RE DOING IT! God I hope they're doing it." (Psst, you won't have to wonder for long.) Cain speechifies to her party guests that she doesn't really want to go crazy with the revenge fighting, but she does want to try some guerrilla-style warfare. Gina agrees that the best defense is a good offense, which sort of sounds like she's heard this apologetic backtrack before, perhaps during some revenge sex.

Later, Gina and Shaw are working on the ship's computers, and Gina says it's harder getting everything done when she doesn't have the sooper sekrit passcodes that Kendra does. Shaw suggests that Gina take that up with Cain, in a very "you don't fool me, just ask your giiiirrrrllfriend" tone. Gina smugs that she thought they were being "discreet," and then Shaw gives Gina the passcode. (?! I guess it's a good move to suck up to the boss's wife.) Gina says that Cain has "needs," too, and that we're all "just human." Though, some of us have extra programming and can rip another person in half. (/end Flashback)

Shaw bitches about how chatty Starbuck is, and then some Cylon raiders appear on Dradis. Apollo orders the Pegasus to be prepped for jump as Starbuck and crew turn tail and head back to the battlestar. Starbuck notices that the raiders "look weird." Shaw wants to start firing at the raiders, but Apollo just wants to get the hell out of there when the navigation system takes a crap. While he's farting around with the computers, Shaw orders all batteries to fire at the raiders, which also fires at the incoming vipers. While the vipers try to land, one of the old raiders follows Starbuck on to the hanger deck and nearly crushes her. Son of a bitch!

"Son of a bitch!," Starbuck exclaims. She is extremely pissed that Shaw almost killed the viper pilots, and calls Shaw -- hilariously -- a "loose cannon." Pot, kettle, black. After bitching at Apollo, she bitches at Shaw, which ends as well as you'd think. Shaw tells Starbuck not to question orders. It's bad for business.

(Flashback) The Pegasus is beginning their attack on the Cylon relay station. (So, it isn't a Resurrection Ship? Or are they part of the relay stations?) The attack does not go well, and it clearly is a trap. Instead of recalling all the vipers and getting out of there, Cain wants to stay and fight. Belzer is not happy about this. As you may have heard already, his dissension gets him shot in the forehead. This is totally not the way to treat your friend who just wants to take you paragliding, but that repressed anger bubbles up inside Cain, and prevents her from being logical and/or efficient. (It's not like you've got an inexhaustible supply of friends or commanding officers, Helena. Sheesh.)

Fisk is put in command and orders the strike.

And now, the greatest commercial bumper I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope they put it on the DVD. "It's been revealed that Helena Cain and Gina Inviere are lovers. Brought to you by Quizno's. Mmm mmm, toasty." And that's it. "LESBIANS! MADE POSSIBLE BY DELICIOUS TOASTED SUBS!" If you are watching the movie on DVD and missed this bumper, David Willis over at Shortpacked! can also sum it up for you. That's pretty much what it was like. And son of a bitch if I didn't go out the next day and get some Quizno's because I was craving a sexy hot sandwich. They are marketing geniuses.

(P.S., if you've ever seen Idiocracy, the Beyonce "Upgrade" Direct TV commercial is funnier than it should be.)

Still in flashback mode, the fallout from Cain's "Kill 'Em All" mission is severe. The Cylons are boarding the Pegasus, so Cain sends Shaw to some secondary control room to try and prevent the Cylons from venting all their air out into space. While scurrying down the corridors, Shaw runs in to a copy of Number Six -- the bleached blond white trenchcoat version -- after running across Gina and sending her on to CIC. Blam blam blam, Shaw shoots the trenchcoated Number Six, and notices a security camera conveniently placed right over the body.

Shaw runs back to CIC and tries to have Gina arrested. Once again, in a surprisingly quick fashion (I'm looking at you, Helo,) Kendra puts together that the Cylons Look Human and that Gina is a spy. Then she orders Hoshi -- whom I thought was dead?! He sure looked like pancakes -- to bring up the security camera feed. Total freakout as Cain sees the dead robot and demands Gina be arrested, and Gina knocks out some guards and pulls a gun on Cain. After Shaw sneaks up behind Gina and knocks her out, we flash forward to the present. (/end Flashback)

On what I think is the Galactica, Tigh has one of his only lines in this movie by saying it's been a long time since he's seen an old-school Cylon heavy raider. A shackled Boomer #2 backstories about Cylon "guardians": Centurion soldiers that escaped becoming scrap metal by protecting the first hybrid. According to Boomer (#2, the pregnant one), this is a hybrid like the ones that control the basestars (the freaky Tourrette syndrome ones in the tubs.) Except, this mythical lost hybrid is the beta test version of the basestar hybrid, and because it sucked the Cylons ditched it, but supposedly it's trying to "upgrade on its own." I wonder if that's anything like cracking an iPhone to use it with your Sprint account.

Adama launches us into a Super Mega Flashback: Young Adama, in his final mission right before the first Cylon war ended, sneaks onto a Cylon base located on some planet he crashed his ship in to. He finds an abandoned laboratory full of dismembered arms and stuff. Plus, he finds one of the resurrection tubs, and sticks his hand in. An arm grabs him, and when he's done peeing his pants, lets go and a disembodied voice says "All this has happened before, and will happen again." Perhaps this is Ron Moore's not-so-subtle way of letting us know that he totally plans to build a successful movie franchise off of Battlestar Galactica after the series ends.

There is some banging and yelling in another room; Young Adama goes to investigate. A man begs Adama to let him and his fellow prisoners out. The man sounds a heck of a lot like Leoben, but when Adama cracks the door open, the guy doesn't look much like Leoben. Some sort of earthquake starts shaking the lab to hell, and the prisoner guy with a speaking role implores Adama to get the hell out of there. He runs away, reluctantly, just as a Cylon ship is taking off outside. (Young Adama may not look much like Edward James Olmos, but he did a good job with the Husker voice.) By then it's too late; the armistice has been signed and the secret hybrid experiment escapes. (This might explain why the Cylons were so keen to sign a peace treaty in the first place, eh?) /end Super Mega Flashback

Roslin wants to get their missing science team back right away, lest they become the next test subjects. And once again, Quizno's wants you to know they totally used the power of conveyor ovens to bring you that super mega flashback. Mmm, Mmm, Experiment-y! (Not quite as shocking as the lesbian one, unfortunately. But still ridiculously brilliant.)

So, let's review. The people being experimented on by the Cylons over forty years ago were from a captured Gemenon ship. Of the final five that were revealed, we know that Tyrol is Gemenese. I'm not sure about Sam and Tory, but Tigh is an Aerelon. Supposedly. Also, Tigh is over 60 at least, so aside from his background, his age is kind of off from the other three to make some sense of this lost hybrid business. If Cylons have been trying to create human models for at least forty years, and the other three of the "final five" are in their mid-thirties, I can kind of grasp how they're sooper sekrit versions of the Cylon hybrids. But what of Tigh? WHAT OF TIGH? Make sense, show. Make sense!

Back from commercial, Baltar and Tyrol (TYROL? Why wouldn't it be GAETA? Hello? Why is your chief engineer calculating mythical spaceship locations?) were able to extrapolate off-screen where the lost Cylon base probably is. Roslin doesn't want both battlestars going after it, so Adama transfers himself to Pegasus. Apollo is surprised by this move, and Adama reveals, sans the help of toasted subs, that he has a personal stake in this mission because he knows the Cylon Myth is real; he's seen it with his own eyes.

Shaw is drawing up the plan for attacking the basestar, which involves Starbuck piloting a raptor into it. Before we can go ahead with that mission, however, Apollo raises some questions on behalf of Roslin about Shaw's involvement with the civilian "incident" on the Scylla. (You know, the one where Cain ordered the marines to -- oh wait

(Flashback) Shaw is standing over the bodies of the dead civilians. (/end Flashback) Shaw admits to being there, and then says that Cain would've liked her plan a whole lot, and Apollo should either trust it or send her back to the kitchen. Apollo blows this off and tells her the plan is approved. Shaw goes back to the kitchen anyway, to listen to some Space Radio and shoot up. Maybe she wants to think about -- oh wait

(Flashback) Shaw is reporting to Cain that 900-some soldiers are either injured or dead from their failed Kill All Robots attack, and 90 vipers were either destroyed or irreparably damaged. Sounds like a huge clusterfuck, but Shaw blows some smoke up Cain's skirt by saying that they put the Cylons "on notice," and the whole thing is Shaw's fault anyhow, seeing as she gave Gina the access codes. (Wouldn't it be Cain's fault, ultimately, for letting Gina get into her pants?) No matter! Cain and Shaw are standing in front of Gina's holding pen; Cain authorizes the extreme torture persuasive questioning of Gina.

If this were my girlfriend, I'd first try a little tenderness to find out exactly what she knows, seeing as there is presumably some emotional connection and trust there. (Also, I'm a girl. "We need to have a talk." Maybe Cain never learned the power of those words as a little girl.) But again: severely repressed anger. Kill, stab, rape! This would never fly on the Galactica. We don't mistreat our Cylon prisoners. We just chain the pregnant ones up like dogs and imprison them. But we give them couches, geeeeeez!

Cain is called to CIC, where Fisk reveals that they've stumbled across fifteen civilian ships. The way he says it, and how happy he looks about it, is just so endearing. You kind of forget he turns in to a skeeze. Cain orders Fisk to organize marine parties to board the civilian ships and take supplies and able-bodied individuals. He is no longer smiling. Slow motion walking montage, and then we meet up with Peter Laird, whom you might remember from season two as the civilian engineer forced to work on the Pegasus. Gee, I wonder if they force him here, in some extremely disturbing way, to join them on the Pegasus?

While Cain is staring at Gina, Fisk calls Cain up on the Space Phone to let her know that there are families on these ships, and they don't want to split up. Cain orders that all the family members be executed unless the hand-picked helpers cooperate. Blam blam blam, babies and baby mommas are dead. Slow motion walking montage back to the Pegasus. (/end Flashback)

Where is my Quizno's bumper here? "SLAUGHTER -- BROUGHT TO YOU BY QUIZNO'S." No? Nothing? "GENOCIDE -- AS TOASTY AS OUR SANDWICHES."

Just as Shaw is about to inject herself, Starbuck walks in. She's a little too delighted to find out that Shaw has a vice (just like her own drinking, just like Tigh's drinking) that gets her through the day. They form a very tedious trust in keeping each other's "secret." Starbuck leaves, and Shaw decides not to shoot up after all.

(Goddamn Flashback) Cain promotes Shaw from Lieutenant to Captain. Shaw doesn't feel she deserves this, but Cain is convinced that Shaw is capable of putting aside her inhibitions in order to make important decisions. She pulls out her knife, and tells Kendra that when you can be "this" for "as long as you have to be, then you're a razor." You have to make the hard life-or-death choices in order to survive, or else you "don't have the luxury of being simply human again." Maybe they don't have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder back on the Colonies, but that seems like a pretty shitty idea to me. It might end up with you getting shot in the head by your own robot girlfriend. Just sayin'. (/end Flashback)

The Pegasus is in the middle of its "search and rescue" mission, which involves being bombarded by Cylons. The raptor with Starbuck and Shaw aboard jumps outside of the fray to head towards the basestar, only to be shot at by a couple of raiders. Before their ship explodes, they all emergency eject, and we get a glimpse inside the cockpit of one of the older model raiders, where Centurions ClassicTM use their retro robot voices to deliver some dialog, including "By your command." Thousands of nerds shit their pants all at once. It is VERY cool.

The now free-floating "red" squad of soldiers (including Starbuck and Shaw) fire up their jetpacks and get in to the basestar. They stumble across the same sort of laboratory scene that Young Adama saw in the super-flashback. As they're freeing the prisoners, Centurions ClassicTM walk in and start shooting. "DeSilva" goes down, and to prevent the Cylons from dragging him off to be harvested for fresh organs, Shaw shoots him in the fucking forehead. This confuses the Centurions for a half second, then they return fire and Shaw takes one in the chest.

At this point, the radio communication from the rescue squad to the Pegasus goes all screwy, so Apollo orders Hoshi (he's still alive, what the fuck? they must have some fantastic doctors in Pegasus sickbay) to launch some nukes at the basestar. Adama is not happy about it, and belays that order. Communications with the rescue squad resume, Adama orders a rescue raptor to go grab survivors on the basestar. Apollo doesn't bother to mention to Starbuck that he almost just nuked her.

Problem! The remote detonator on the nuclear warhead they brought aboard the basestar doesn't work. Shaw orders a manual detonator to be assembled, and Starbuck radios Apollo to tell him the news. Apollo wants to use the missle they loaded up to shoot down the basestar after the rescue raptor has picked up the Red Squad; Adama points out how that won't really work, as a nuke will still kill the squad. So, get this, Apollo orders Starbuck to stay behind and detonate the warhead. He has just got it out for her this episode, doesn't he? What the hell.

Shaw pulls a gun on Starbuck and orders her to get on the raptor. Since this makes a lot more damn sense than making a perfectly un-shot Starbuck stay behind, Starbuck questions: "Why?"

I'm sorry, what?

"You know damn well why," Shaw no-duhs. Then she gives Starbuck Cain's knife and sends her on her way. Quick flashbacks to the incident on the Scylla, where we see that Shaw was the first soldier to pull the trigger on the civilian families.

She stumbles upon Cylon Tub Hybrid Beta Version, which is totally the American version of Pete Postlethwaite. When Shaw asks what the hell he is, I swear to you he says "Our children believe I am a God." I rewound it like eight times. Make of it what you will. He asks Kendra if she wants to be forgiven for "what she's done," which I guess can only mean the Scylla incident, as the show flashes back to that scene yet again. Then Pete Tubridwaite lets Shaw know that "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse; the harbinger of death. They must not follow her." Harsh, dude. Harsh. I know she's got some issues, but sheesh. "Harbinger of death"? Shaw radios back to Pegasus to give them the good news, and the radio goes all screwy again.

"As my own existence comes to a close; only to begin anew in ways uncertain" says Tub Guy. I wonder if he gets resurrected somewhere else as a Boomer and freaks out about having tits? Seems just as likely as anything else that's going on right now. Boobs have happened before, and will happen again. Again. Again. Tub Guy repeats "again" until Shaw can't stand it anymore, and sets off the nuke. Starbuck looks on from her cushy raptor seat, and makes a sad face.

Promo for season four, one I haven't seen yet, and have no idea if it's new to anyone but me: Last season, Starbuck returned. Four of the final five were revealed. Baltar was released. Possibly next season: Starbuck pulls a gun on somebody; Baltar becomes a faith healer; Roslin and Adama seemed pissed at Starbuck; Starbuck claims she's seen Earth; Sam tells someone who looks like Starbuck from the back that she's been a Cylon from the beginning. "Destiny is not what it seems," and we close on a shot of Starbuck screaming "WE'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!" like somebody's ripping her heart out through her stomach. It freaks me the fuck out.

Adama pours Apollo a drink and lets him know that Starbuck has recommended Shaw for a posthumous commendation. He says that he doesn't really find fault with either Cain or Shaw's actions, and that he didn't have to face the same situations that they did. He also had the added benefit of Roslin and Tigh acting as little angel/demons on his shoulder the whole time, while all Cain had was a pocketknife. Also, Adama had Apollo to see himself in, which apparently stopped him from doing diabolical things. Mostly because he doesn't want to listen to Apollo's bitching afterwards.

Apollo seems to be expressing some guilt here over wanting to nuke Starbuck a couple of times over. Adama says that neither of them were wrong in their orders, and Apollo wants to know if that means Cain and Kendra were right in what they did, too. Adama reiterates for the record that he's an atheist by saying that "If he believed in the Gods" he'd guess they'd be judged by a higher power, but since he doesn't, history will be the judge. "And since history's first draft will be written in our logs..." they both decide to get a'writin'.

In the last new Galactica scene we will have until March, Starbuck is in the hallway playing with Cain's knife. Apollo wants to know why Shaw decided to take the detonator herself, and Starbuck posits "maybe she had it coming."

"We've all got it coming," Apollo foreshadows. Then Starbuck breaks the news that she wants to be transfered back to the Galactica. Mostly because he keeps trying to nuke her, which you can't really fault her for. Then she cites her "destiny" (the one revealed to her by the prophet Leoben) as proof that he can't really get her killed.

The end. Brought to you by Quizno's. Try their soup, I hear it's good. Perhaps it holds the mysteries of the Final Five.

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