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Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
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Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

BSG Episode Twelve: Kobol's Last Gleaming, P. 1

Previously: Starbuck captured a Cylon Raider. Helo and Boomer Copy #2 did it on a forest floor, then he figured out that she was a Cylon. The Leoben model told Starbuck that she would help find Kobol, and Earth. And the President has cancer.

In a fancy bit of editing, the following scenes are intercut in the cold open: Apollo is sparring with Adama, who kicks Apollo's butt despite being about forty years older; Boomer #1 is trying to shoot herself in the head because she still thinks she's a Cylon; Helo is running away from Boomer #2 on Cylon-Occupied Caprica; Starbuck is sleeping with Baltar, but she calls out Apollo's name.

President Roslin is hearing from Doc Cottle that she has less than six months to live. Elosha, Roslin's personal priestess, says that Roslin made a true believer out of her, and she knows Roslin is the salvation and the future of the human race.

Totally angry that he was unwittingly one-upped by Apollo, Baltar goes on a bender during a card game, lashing out at Apollo. He tells off Number Six (out loud, which confuses everyone.) Starbuck shows up, and Baltar is bitchy with her, too.

Next, Baltar is in a private meeting with Roslin. Number Six is there, too, and the scene is fantastic, as Baltar balances responding to Six's questions and Roslin's at the same time. Six wants to know if Baltar is in love with Starbuck; Roslin wants to know if Baltar is ready to be Vice President. He eventually ends up telling Six off, and tries to break up with her, but she assaults him in the Space Force One bathroom. (Lots of important scenes happen to Baltar when a toilet is involved.) Six tells Baltar he should stay off Galactica, because something bad is going to happen.

"Real" Boomer and Crashdown go out on a scouting mission in their Raptor, and find a planet that looks to be inhabitable.

Apollo figures out that Starbuck slept with Baltar and gets a little annoyed and jealous himself. He and Starbuck get into a fight over it -- an actual fight with punching. (He sort of implies that she's a slut, but c'mon, with Ellen Tigh aboard Galactica, no one else is going to win that title.)

Roslin's visions continue as she sees the aerial surveys of the inhabitable planet and thinks it's already occupied; really, she was looking at pictures of ruins and seeing whole buildings. Elosha determines that what Roslin was seeing was the forum and opera house on Kobol. They realize that the inhabitable planet is really Kobol. Elosha explains that Kobol was basically the Garden of Eden for the Colonies, who left the planet thousands of years ago to find new planets.

Boomer #1 is back to eating her gun when Baltar walks in, looking for Starbuck. Imaginary Number Six shows back up and is slightly horrified when Baltar gives some cryptic advice to Boomer about her status as a Cylon. As he and Six walk away, Boomer shoots herself in the face.

Roslin is spurred in to thinking she's really a prophet and convinces Adama to send a scout party down to the planet's surface to check it out. Adama has in mind permanent settlement on Kobol, but Elosha says that Kobol will point them towards Earth. Six tells Baltar he should volunteer to be on the survey party.

Boomer apparently survived shooting herself in the head, and is visited by Tyrol in sickbay. Her story is that she forgot to check the chamber while she was cleaning her gun, and it went off, but Tyrol doesn't buy it. He wants her to get some help, but she dismisses him.

In a private meeting between Roslin and Adama, Roslin tells Adama all about the scriptures explaining how to open a sacred vault on Kobol, and find directions to Earth. Adama insists there's no Earth, but Roslin says they were wrong for thinking that, and they should have faith. She wants the stolen Cylon Raider to be jumped back to Caprica, for an ancient artifact on Caprica to be retrieved for the opening of the sacred vault. Adama tells her no frakkin' way.

The scout mission does not go so well. Out of three Raptors, one is smashed by Cylon raiders, one crashes to the surface of Kobol, and one jumps back to the Galactica. Chief Tyrol, Cally, and Baltar are aboard the Raptor that crashes on Kobol.

Gaeta has figured out the transmission signals for the Cylon transponder they have (from the miniseries?,) which makes flying the Raider as a decoy possible. Adama and Roslin learn of the Cylons orbiting Kobol and decide that before sending a rescue team, they should try and destroy the Cylon base star orbiting Kobol, by using the Cylon Raider Starbuck obtained to sneak a warhead onboard.

Roslin, believing she is the prophet and knows best, asks Starbuck to take the Cylon raider, and fly a secret mission for her, without Adama's knowledge. Starbuck doesn't want to go at first, but Roslin cites Leoben's prediction that they would find Kobol, and Starbuck's own faith. Then Roslin confides her cancer, and her role in the search for Earth. She tells Starbuck that Adama has no idea where Earth is.

Starbuck initially disbelieves this, as well -- but Adama's shiftiness at Starbuck's questioning tells her all she needs to know. Apparently. During a test flight with the Cylon Raider, Starbuck leaves to go back to Caprica. But not before calling up Adama on the space phone and telling him she's "bringing in the cat." Boom, boom, frak you, sir.

Meanwhile! Back on Cylon-Occupied Caprica: Boomer #2 catches up to Helo. As much as he'd like to punch her in the face, he instead shoots her in the shoulder and keeps her with him to help get him off the planet.

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