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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

BSG Episode Ten: The Hand of God

Previously: The President has cancer! I hope you haven't forgotten. Plus she's using some voodoo drug called "Chamalla" to cure herself. Boomer #2 has run off with Helo, against orders from her Cylon commanders. Starbuck was put in charge of training new pilots.

Fleet-wide fuel shortages prompt Adama to send out Raptors to scout for a source of Tylium. After all, it's kind of his fault that fuel was depleted in his desperate search for Starbuck. We learn at a press conference with Roslin that they are down to less than 5% fuel left, fleet-wide. (If I were me and the Galactica were my own car, this is when I'd drive around as cautiously as possible -- because driving slow and rolling through stop signs means your car runs longer when the gas gauge is on Empty, didn't you know that?) The fleet only has enough fuel for two more jumps.

President Roslin is having even more creepy foreshadowing dreams, except now they are happening while she is awake. During the press conference she sees snakes crawling all over her podium. This noticeably distracts the president and freaks out the press core.

Crashdown and Boomer #1 (who were also the two who found the water planet,) find a planet full of Tylium. The downside is, it's already being mined by the Cylons. Adama, Gaeta, Tigh and Apollo are trying to figure out what to do, and Adama of course wants to attack them and "catch them with their pants down." Adama has an obsession with people's pants, doesn't he?

Adama meets with Starbuck to ask her to think out of the box for him on Operation Kill All Cylons And Steal Their Fuel.

Roslin confides to her personal priestess, Elosha, that she's having dreams about Cylons and snakes. Elosha says that there is a passage in the sacred scrolls of Pithia that tells of a dying leader who takes them to Kobol, and this leader saw "two and ten" snakes in a vision. (Why do ancient texts have to be so complicated? The leader couldn't have just said "twelve"? Did they think in 300 years "two" and "ten" would really represent "four" and "sixteen" -- in case there was an explosion in the snake population or something?) That's when Roslin reveals to Elosha that she has terminal breast cancer. Elosha freaks the fuck out. Dead prophet Walking!

Starbuck devises a plan to attack the Cylons, destroy their mine, and chase them away long enough to mine the planet themselves. Roslin is skeptical of the mission, but Adama tells her that sometimes you have to take a chance, and "roll the hard six." Roslin approves the mission. They ask Baltar how exactly they should attack the mine to destroy it without destroying the planet. Imaginary Number Six is no help to Baltar, so he makes a wild guess and points out a random area for the Galactica to attack.

Due to her knee injury, Starbuck is unable to fly the mission herself and the command of it goes to Apollo. She's not happy about this, and Apollo apparently isn't, either, because it means he has to put up with hearing about how he's not as awesome as Starbuck. To cheer Apollo up, Adama gives him a lighter that once belonged to Joseph Adama, Apollo's grandfather. He claims it's a good luck charm. I usually don't have much of a problem with the soundtrack, but sometimes they do a "Braveheart" like take with the Uilleann bagpipes, like they're doing on this scene, and it's just so silly.

Operation Smash And Grab commences. While everyone's waiting and trying not to freak out, Starbuck bitches about not flying on the mission, and conversely, not wanting the responsibility of planning this mission. Adama tells her to suck it up.

The mission appears to be going badly as a bunch of Raiders don't take the decoy bait and head towards the Viper squadron that was trying to sneak in the back door. Once they cut through the Vipers, the Raiders head straight for Galactica. Baltar tries not to pee his pants. It's then that Starbuck reveals the caveat to her plan: Apollo and his squadron were hiding in one of the decoy ships, which are being ignored by the Cylons. They're able to fly undetected to the Tylium planet.

Apollo flies right in to the mine to try and attack it from the inside. It looks nothing like that Death Star scene from A New Hope, I swear. He blows the frak out of the thingy that Baltar said needed to be blown up, and everything goes dandy. The Braveheart soundtrack goes wild! I think Baltar might have actually peed his pants at this point, by the look on his face. Gaeta sneaks a hug in there. His Baltar-crush is so adorable.

After everyone returns to the hanger deck and parties down, Starbuck tells Apollo she's proud of his flying. In Baltar's Imagineered World, he's talking to Six about the Pithia prophecies. She claims that God purposely helped Baltar destroy the mine so that the Kobol-finding can continue. Baltar's take on this is that he's an instrument of God. (Not in that bathrobe, dude.)

Meanwhile! Back on Cylon-Occupied Caprica: Helo and Boomer #2 are hiding out in some sort of stable. Boomer ralphs at the mention of baked beans, which is a clunky way of implying she's pregnant. Helo sees a copy of Number Six leading a bunch of Centurions right towards them. He begins to put together that the Cylons might look like humans now. Why are the cute ones always so dumb?

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