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BSG Episode Eight: Flesh and Bone

Previously: Adama and Roslin let fly with the "Cylons look like us now" secret. The President's cancer is getting worse, which means eventually she'll probably have to let go of her "I have cancer" secret, too.

A note: This episode, while good, is mostly talking. Which makes for a boring recap.

President Roslin has a creepy dream where a copy of Leoben Conoy, the "philosopher Cylon" that Adama killed in the miniseries, tries to save her from attacking Cylons. Right before she wakes up, he is sucked away. P.S., we know it's a dream because everything is bathed in that bright white soft-focus light. Also, she wakes up.

Roslin gets a call, and it's discovered that a copy of the Leoben model has been stowed on a ship in the fleet this entire time. Adama wants to kill him immediately, and probably in a less messy way than he killed the other copy of Leoben. But Roslin orders Leoben's interrogation.

Incredibly, Starbuck is the officer picked for the interrogation mission. Apparently no one else was qualified to head up psy/ops today -- either that or Starbuck kicked them in the balls and they're currently in sickbay icing down their crotch. Adama makes sure to tell everyone, including Starbuck, that Leoben is a cunning linguist, a ha. Or, more importantly, he's the "fuck with your head" model of Cylon. (While Number Six is apparently the "fuck everything else of yours" robot.)

More creepy Boomer #1 (the "real" Sharon) scenes: She's singing a lullabye to the captured Cylon Raider sitting on the hanger deck. Tyrol walks in and says the "treat it like a pet" theory actually works, and wonders how she knew to do that. "I'm a Cylon," Sharon says. Tyrol says that's not funny. But it is! It's funny and true!

Starbuck is on the interrogation ship, and observes that Leoben is sweating. This is interesting because... uh, sweat is hard to replicate? It requires carrying the zero? I dunno. Right away, Leoben figures out who Starbuck is, and claims to have planted a nuclear warhead somewhere in the fleet, and it's set to go off in about nine hours.

Adama orders radiological sweeps of every ship in the fleet.

Leoben wants to get down to theology, as he always does, and Starbuck wants him to shut the frak up and tell her where the warhead is. Instead, he yammers some more about God, how he's seen God, and how he knows the future. I have the urge to call him Madame Leoben now.

While he's talking about how terrific he is for being so Godly, Starbuck chows down on what looks like green beans and water. Leoben stops his babbling long enough to ask for some food, because he's "starving," and Starbuck observes how that's bad programming.

Boomer is completely freaked out about the fact that she keeps blacking out while acts of sabotage are going on. Afraid that she might be a Cylon, (isn't it funny how the apocalypse changes your perspective? She could just be afraid she's a fall-down-drunk, but instead she suspects she's a robot,) Boomer demands that Baltar test her first with his Cylon detector.

Leoben, fresh from having the crap kicked out of him, tells Starbuck he IS God. Also, love will keep us together. Then more "rivers and streams" talk, so Starbuck decides to try the Colonial version of water-boarding. Before that can happen, though, he breaks free of his chains, flips over the interrogation table, and starts choking her. The guards pull him off.

On the Galactica, Adama is in the morgue, looking at the corpse of the Leoben he killed. Maybe there weren't enough flags to send that one off into space? Tigh tells him that so far no nukes have been found, but Adama orders the fleet to spread out, in case there really is a bomb.

Let the non-torture begin! Leoben's head is dunked into a bucket of water repeatedly. See, not torture, because Starbuck is doing it! She's like America! And he's a Cylon who can't really die. Starbuck is not so easily convinced that the downloading process will work if he's so far from home, and bets that Leoben is actually afraid to die. Leoben counters by giving us some background about Starbuck's mother and childhood. Starbuck holds his head underwater even longer.

The results of Boomer's test are up! To no one's surprise, she is a Cylon. Only Baltar nearly pees his pants when Number Six whispers in his ear that Boomer is a sleeper agent, and will probably kill him if he tells her she's a Cylon. He changes the results to negative and tells Boomer that she's definitely not a Cylon.

Roslin decides enough is enough, and tries to talk to Leoben herself. He reveals some cryptic information about Roslin and Starbuck's role in the discovery of Kobol, the original home planet that will lead them to Earth. He also reveals that there is no bomb, so Roslin flushes him out of an airlock, and it looks pretty much exactly like her creepy dream in the opening act. Before being shoved out in to space, Leoben whispers to Roslin that "Adama is a Cylon." Also, Starbuck is not happy about the airlocking, and does that "palm to palm" thing with Leoben on the airlock glass before he goes WHOOSH!.

When Starbuck returns to Galactica, she pulls out little statues and prays to them that Leoben's soul is delivered. Elsewhere, Adama and Roslin are having a chat about how brave Roslin is. When she makes a funny little noise, he asks her if something's wrong, and instead of saying "Yes, I am riddled with cancer! Thanks for asking," she responds "No, nothing at all." It's a convincing lie, and also a chilling aspect of Roslin's character. For so long we've been seeing her as the fragile leader who puts on the brave face, but today she's shoved a guy out in to space with barely the blink of an eye. Mary McDonnell rocks the ass off this role, by the way.

Meanwhile! Back on rain soaked, Cylon-Occupied Caprica: More running through the rain and the forest. Helo is unaware that Boomer #2 has defied orders from her Cylon counterparts and is now genuinely on the run with him, presumably because his kisses are dreamy.

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