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BSG Episode Two: Water

Previously, on Battlestar Insomnia: The fleet was kept awake by continual jumps to light-speed, in order to outrun the Cylons. A ship got left behind and when it reappeared, Apollo was sent to shoot it down, on Adama/Roslin's orders. Oh, by the way, "There are many copies, and they have a plan." SPOOKY!

Boomer wakes up soaking wet, with an explosive nearby. As she tries to figure out where several other missing explosives went, and where she was at the time they vanished, Chief Tyrol helps cover her tracks. (Apparently the Cylon's choice of making all the female-bots extremely attractive was a great one, as no man on this show has yet been able to determine that their girlfriends are actually killer cyborgs.)

Tigh is grumpily looking for something in his closet and runs across some booze. He draws lines on the bottle, apparently to ration out what little alcohol he has left.

Apollo is having flashbacks to the last episode, where he killed 1300 civilians. He whines to Adama, who exposits that that was "three days ago", and Apollo needs to suck it up already.

Roslin bitches about the pomp and circumstance that is standard every time she boards the Galactica. She also complains about how she only has three suits with her, that she'll have to wear "the rest of her life." She joins the Galactica to witness a transfer of water supplies, as the battlestar has a super-awesome water recycling system that will sustain the fleet for years and years. That's, of course, when the super-awesome water recycling system blows right the fuck up, illuminating Boomer & Tyrol as to exactly what she was doing with those explosives when she was blacked out. (There's a bit before the explosion where Adama & Tigh also complain about the pomp and circumstance, and Apollo lets Roslin in on this.)

Tyrol and his deck crew are sent to examine the site of the "malfunction," which is obviously the result of an explosion. A meeting is called with Roslin, Adama, Tigh, and Baltar -- Gaeta reveals that 60% of their water was lost, and if they don't find more in two days, everyone will die. Even if they ration, things don't look good. Adama orders surveys of all nearby planets to look for water.

Chief Tyrol reports back to the meeting with Roslin and Adama, and reveals that it was explosives, and, whaddyaknow!, bombs are missing from the ship's small arms locker. Tyrol is dismissed, and the group agrees once again that they can't tell anybody about Cylons Looking Like Us. They order Baltar to start up his "Cylon detection device." Baltar backpeddles, and Adama assigns Gaeta to "help" Baltar with his "device."

Boomer heads up the mission to look for a source of water. She's totally freaked out about maybe being a Cylon. Then she finds a bomb next to her ejection seat lever, and really wigs out.

Roslin reveals her weakness for murder mystery fiction, and Adama gives her some "classic" book as a gift. He's got a pretty sweet personal library in his Captain's Quarters.

Gaeta geeks out about getting to work with Baltar, but Baltar decides to shake him off by playing cards with Starbuck.

Rioting is breaking out among the fleet. Roslin suggests that Adama start up a military police force. Adama points out why this is a bad idea: Soldiers kill people, Cops protect people (theoretically), and never the twain should meet. But because Roslin is so groovy, Adama agrees to the marines acting as a riot squad.

Back at the card game, Baltar is kicking Starbuck's ass. He flirts a little bit as he offers her a cigarillo as a consolation prize.

Boomer finds water, but she's unable to say the words "Water, yay." (Because she's a ROBOT, pssst, PASS IT ON.) Finally she forces the words out and everyone celebrates. She remembers that there's a bomb next to her, and disarms it. (Humans: 1, Robots: 1? You be the judge.) When her Raptor returns to Galactica -- get this! -- she sends her boyfriend, Tyrol, to go retrieve the bomb. Maybe that's the fembot version of spider-squishing. He further covers her tracks with this bomb, as well.

Roslin talks to Apollo about the Olympic Carrier. She backstories that President Adar once sent some marines on a suicide mission, and kept the names of the dead in his desk drawer. She reveals to Apollo that she has the name of the Olympic Carrier on a scrap of paper in her pocket (as she doesn't have a desk yet.) Then she appoints Apollo as the liaison between herself and Adama; her "personal military adviser."

Back on Cylon-occupied Caprica!: Helo and his copy of Boomer are trying to outrun Centurions, and discover a Colonial signal broadcasting nearby. Also, it's raining.

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