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Oh, it's wicked, all right.
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Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
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BSG Episode One: 33

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Rise of the Machines, a bunch of pissed off robots shagged and shot their way into the next Worlds War. (Talk about a Revenge Fuck!) The human race cut and ran, to the dismay of Republicans everywhere. Billions died in a nuclear holocaust, and only a rag-tag bunch of people remain, led by the former Secretary of Education and the warship Galactica. Also, one of the Galactica's more prominent soldiers, Lt. Boomer, was revealed to be one of the slutbots.

And now! Everyone is exhausted from lack of sleep. The fleet has been making continual jumps to light speed to outrun the Cylons, a jump every thirty three minutes -- which means no one on the crew can rest. It also means the jump drives on a lot of the ships are starting to give out. Some 230 jumps and five days after they fled Ragnar, the fleet is still on the run.

Gaius is having more hallucinations about his ex-girlfriend, the robot Number Six. He keeps telling her she must be a figment of his over-active imagination, and she insists that God has a plan for Gaius. And, presumably, she is the messenger of this plan. He really gets annoyed when he tries to have some imaginary sex and she gets all preachy on him.

The next jump barely makes it, because they can't get all the ships away fast enough. Adama comes up with a plan -- break the fleet up, give them all different jump coordinates for the next couple of jumps, and then give them a common rendezvous point.

Apollo can barely stay awake during the pilot's briefing. As all the pilots leave, they touch a picture on the wall for luck. I have no idea what the photo is, but my guess is that it's of Richard Hatch, the original Apollo from the original show.

Boomer is having some trouble with her new flying partner, who's a bit of an ass. He's apparently one of the refugee civilians, and he spreads the rumor that "Cylons look us now," which gets Boomer all riled up. (So, for the record: Cylons Look Human is not so big a secret as Tigh and Adama think.)

Dee tries to find out how many people were saved from her home planet, Saggitaron. She turns in a picture of what appears to be her family, to add to a growing wall of pictures that looks a lot like the memorial put up outside Ground Zero. It's a very emotional shot of her walking down the hallway, which is covered with photos, flowers, and candles.

Roslin gets the "head count" of survivors, and is dismayed to find a 300 person difference from a survey before the last Cylon attack. She's started a tally on a whiteboard behind her desk, which sits at 49,998. Number Six points out to Baltar that "procreation" is "one of God's commandments," and demands that Gaius impregnate her, like, now. His attention is drawn to the name "Dr. Amorak," a man who urgently wants to speak to President Roslin, which makes Baltar nervous. He double-speaks during the entire conversation, to his imaginary girlfriend and to Roslin. When Baltar departs, Roslin remarks to Billy that Baltar is "a strange one."

Confusion among the crew, even with Adama and Dee, is visible. Adama orders that all the crew members reporting in "exhausted" be put on stimulants -- including the pilots. Starbuck gets the memo about "stims" and flat-out refuses to take them. She gets up in Apollo's face about it, also calling him out as a bad boss because he's not going to bother force-feeding them to her. They laugh off their sexual tension and she takes a couple stimulants.

The next jump goes bugfuck, as one of the passenger ships the Galactica has been harboring, the Olympic Carrier, goes missing. Tigh balls out everyone for screwing up. Adama's reprimand is more terrifying, however, as it's delivered in a resigned matter of fact way: "We make mistakes, people die. There aren't many of us left."

Billy updates the President's whiteboard, and she cries a little. They move on to wanting to talk to Dr. Amorak, who was conveniently aboard the Olympic Carrier. Number Six tells Baltar that "God is watching out for" him. Gaius tries to rationalize the coincidence.

The fleet's 33 minutes are up, and no Cylons appear. Adama finds this all a little too coincidental, and orders everyone to wait on the next jump. After 45 minutes, he calls the President on the Space Phone, and they decide to step down to "Condition Two" so that everyone can get some sleep.

After a few hours, the Olympic Carrier reappears, unscathed. Number Six tells Baltar that the reason the ship has reappeared is that it's his "punishment" for not believing in God. When that doesn't get through, she says it's been infiltrated by Cylons and needs to be destroyed. Baltar tells the President that clearly the Olympic Carrier is up to no good.

Adama is also quickly coming to that conclusion -- he orders everyone back to "Condition One," and demands the Olympic Carrier stay away from the fleet. The Olympic Carrier ignores that order and heads straight towards the fleet. Cylons appear, and the fleet is ordered to jump to the next point. Via the Space Phone, Adama and Roslin agree that the Olympic Carrier needs to be shot down. Apollo is dispatched to do the dirty deed.

24 hours after shooting down the ship, the Cylons still haven't re-appeared. The President is feeling pretty crappy. Billy brightens her day by telling her she can add one to her whiteboard; a baby boy was born out among the civvies. The count is 47,973.

Meanwhile, back on Cylon-Occupied Caprica, Helo is still alive, and is surviving on the radiation medicine/injections in his flight kit, while outrunning the Centurions. He discovers that "Boomer" has come back to save him, only he has no idea she's just a copy of the Boomer he knew on Galactica.

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