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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

Have (A Town Called) Mercy for (The Power of) Three

(art by Adam Koford for shirt.woot!)

Here we are, finally back with a brief review of "A Town Called Mercy" and "The Power of Three." Frankly, we weren't all that enthused about either episode, so this is mostly just about how time travel is confusing, brain hurty type stuff. We're pretty psyched for Saturday's fall finale, "Angels Take Manhattan," so we're saving our energy for that one. (I bet you didn't know it took a lot of energy to talk about Doctor Who. Well, it doesn't. We just don't have much to begin with.)

I would, however, like to add a personal note about "A Town Called Mercy": I am shocked by the lack of art in the fan community devoted to Susan.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

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Walking with Dinosaurs (on a Spaceship)

(From Odd the Sun God's Tumblr)

We're back with our second Doctor Who review of the much anticipated "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." It's an episode jam packed with all sorts of nerdy goodness, and that's on top of the titular dinosaurs populating the aforementioned spaceship. It was also the episode that gave us two excellent pieces of advice: 1. Whenever you enter someplace new, press buttons; and 2. carry a trowel.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

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Getting Committed to the Asylum (of the Daleks)

(From Lissy-Strata's DeviantArt Page)

I'm relatively new to Doctor Who, while Francene is a longtime fan, but we were both really excited for "Asylum of the Daleks," the start of the new season, on Saturday night. We thought we would have a little virtual viewing party, and then share our reactions with our readers. Of course, we wound up being slightly more absorbed in watching the show than commenting on it. It was a pretty major episode, with a lot of changes and revelations though.

Spoilers follow, so don't continue if you haven't seen the episode.

It probably wouldn't make any sense to you if you haven't seen it anyway.

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Mermaid Corpses and Social Media


Last night on Animal Planet, they re-ran a faux documentary program called Mermaid: The Body Found. It was in a similar vein as Trollhunter (though, nowhere near as well-produced,) and from what I gather, every time Animal Planet airs this show, it generates quite a bit of confusion.

It's made to look like it's really one of those "found footage" "alien autopsy" sort of programs that explores the mysteries of mermaids. It's also supposed to inform people of actual technologies, as well. Still, there is some question why it was on a "real channel" like Animal Planet, a channel that is owned by the same company that owns Discovery Channel, which airs -- among other things -- a reality show about auctioneers (to better compete with the HISTORY Channel and their successful show about PAWN SHOPS.)

Don't get me wrong, I love Deadliest Catch, but it's not exactly educational programming, which doesn't happen all the time anymore on cable networks like Discovery. Can you even remember what TLC was supposed to stand for? Just a hint, it's not "Kitchen Boss Marathons." So when Chew's Rob Guillory was bewildered last night by a re-airing of Mermaid: Body Found, he did some looking and came up with possibly the greatest representation of awful comments currently on the interwebs.

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Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

(Summer is Coming tee from Busted Tees.)

Sometimes, book reviews are hard, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the book. Sometimes, when it comes to writing a book review or vacuuming the apartment, I choose vacuuming. Sometimes, I have a hard time coming up with something more than, "this is good."

I'm having one of those times now.

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Liveblogging the Seventies


On Saturday morning, I awoke at 6 am and then decided that was too damned early to be awake on a Saturday. So I decided to stay in bed as long as possible, which meant reading Twitter and, eventually, going through my nightstand looking for those issues of Casanova I bought a while back but never read.

What I stumbled upon was a bag of vintage comics I'd purchased probably two years ago at an antique store for $4 apiece. Included was Lois Lane #129, and Supergirl #2, both with amazing covers. Basically the recipe to get me to buy a silver or golden age comic is to have an amazing cover (the ones that are "cliffhangers" are my favorite) and to be less than $5. (Because I am not actually a collector, just cheap.)

The end result is me, lying in bed and tweeting my reactions, which I'll recap here, because not only am I cheap, I'm lazy.

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Prometheus: Shoulda Just Re-Watched Predators

This image a metaphor for the entire film. A beautiful mess.

Imagine Die Hard. (If you're on this site, I'm gonna assume you've seen it at least once. More than likely, you're like every other geek who counts it as a "Christmas movie" and watches it several times every December.)

Die Hard is a great movie. I'll go out on a not-very-dangerous limb here and say it actually defines the action movie genre, in the best possible way. So picture it in your head: An average schmo -- middle aged, balding, blue-collar looking dude -- finds himself in a crazy terrorist hostage situation on Christmas Eve. Dude's just trying to patch things up with his wife, and he suddenly he has to be John Wayne.

As we all know, at the end, the villain gets thrown out of a window and plummets 30-some floors to his death.

Now imagine the end of Die Hard, and picture Hans Gruber slinking away laughing "I'll get you NEXT TIME, JOHN MCCLANE, MUAH HA HA!" Winky wink to the camera, fade out, credits up.

Be honest. You'd want to punch that movie in the dick.

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